Postgraduate Institute for Accounting and Financial Studies

Postgraduate Institute for Accounting and Financial Studies


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Historical View

Higher Institute of Accounting and Finance Institute is the first one to give the highest graduate degree in professional accounting and legal costs, administrative accountability, and other professional studies in the tax system, banking, and insurance. It was established the Higher Institute of Studies Accounting and Finance in accordance with the law No. (33) for the year 1999, which is linked to the University of Baghdad.


To serve the financial industry and the accounting of Iraq and we aspire to:
Provide an outstanding education in the financial and accounting to meet the shortfall in the various sectors.
Achieve the best possible performance in the provision of qualified teachers and staff in order to create a productive work force, stable and effective.
Achieve harmony with the various sectors to achieve excellence in the employment sector to supplement the various disciplines.


Institute aspires to be a pioneer in the field of accounting and financial support through its ability to keep pace with local, regional and global levels to prepare and qualify graduates qualified academically and practically seamlessly, and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in community service.


Aimed at the Higher Institute of Studies Accounting and Finance to:
Numbers of specialists in the disciplines of accounting (Accounting legal and accounting costs and administrative) and disciplines of Finance (banking, taxes and insurance) the level and efficiency of the prohibitively high in order to keep abreast of modern developments in all fields and upgrade.
Supplying all the state departments, whether professional or academic disciplines, particularly those that certain certificates of the Institute is one of the rare testimonies, as foreign institutions have stopped granting of such certificates to non-citizens and therefore requires us to carry the number of graduates of such responsibility.
Develop programs of study in line with the developments and international norms and standards of accounting and audit, to fill the needs of the community in such circumstances through which Iraq and need qualified academically and practically, especially since the Institute is dominated by the professional side as well as the theoretical side.