No.TitleIssuing Authority
1Journal of the Faculty of MedicineCollege of MedicineMedical Science
2Al-Kindy College Medical JournalAl-Kindy College Medical JournalAccredited Medical Science
3Journal of Baghdad College of Dentistry (JBCD)College of DentistryDentistry
4Iraqi Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesCollege of PharmacyPharmaceutical Sciences
5Iraqi National Journal of Nursing SpecialtiesCollege of NursingMedical and Nursing Science
6Journal of EngineeringCollege of EngineeringEngineering
7Iraqi Journal of Chemical and Petroleum EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering/ College of EngineeringChemical and Petroleum Engineering
8Al-Khwarizmi Engineering JournalAl-Khwarizmi College of EngineeringEngineering
9Iraqi Journal of ScienceCollege of SciencePure Science
10Iraqi Journal of PhysicsCollege of SciencePhysical science
11Baghdad Science JournalCollege of Science for WomenPure Science
12Ibn Al-Haitham Journal for Pure and Applied Sciences (IHJPAS) Ibn Al-Haytham College of Education for Pure and Applied Sciences Pure and Applied Sciences
13Journal of the College of Education for Women (JCEW)College of Education for WomenHumanities
14Al Ustath Journal for Human & Social SciencesIbn Rushd College of Education for HumanitiesHumanities
15Journal of Physical EducationCollege of Physical Education and Sports SciencePhysical Education
16Modren Sport JournalCollege of Physical Education and Sports Science for WomenPhysical Education
17Journal of Legal SciencesCollege of lawlaw
18Al-Adab JournalCollege of ArtsLinguistics and Humanities
19Journal of Historical Studies and ArchaeologyCollege of ArtsHistory and Archaeology
20Al-Bahith Al-A'alami
College of MediaMedia
21Journal of the College of Languages (JCL)College of languagesLanguage and Literature
22Journal of Islamic Sciences CollegeCollege of Islamic SciencesIslamic Studies
23Political Sciences JournalJournal of College of Political SciencesPolitical systems
24Journal of Economics and Administrative SciencesCollege of Administration and EconomicsEconomics, Administration, Accounting and statistics Studies
25 Al-Academy Journal College of Fine ArtsFine Arts
26Iraqi Journal of Agricultural SciencesCollege of Agricultural Engineering SciencesAgriculture
27The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary MedicineCollege of Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine
28 Iraqi Journal of LaserInstitute of Laser for Postgraduate StudiesLaser Applications in Pure Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
29Journal of Planner and DevelopmentCenter for Urban and Regional Planning for Postgraduate StudiesUrban and Regional Planning
30 Journal of Accounting and Financial Studies (JAFS)Higher Institute of Accounting and Financial StudiesAccounting and Finance
31Iraqi Journal of BiotechnologyInstitute of Genetic Engineering and Bio-technologies for Postgraduate Studies Genetic Engineering and Bio-technologies
32Arab Science Heritage JournalCenter for Revival of Arab Scientific HeritageAchievements of Arab Islamic Civilization
33Journal of Educational and Psychological ResearchesCenter for Educational Studies and Psychological Research Educational sciences, Psychiatry and Parapsychology
34Journal of International StudiesCenter for Strategic and International Studies Political Sciences
35Iraqi Journal of Market Research and Consumer ProtectionCenter for Market Research and Consumer Protection Market and Consumption
36Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History MuseumIraq Natural History Research Center and MuseumPure Sciences