The website division is directly linked to the Rector of the University of Baghdad and it consists of four units: the Website Management Unit, the Website Systems and Applications Unit, Google Accounts Unit and the Administrative Follow-up Unit.

Director of the Website DivisionLecturer Dr. Mohammed Jaafar Ali al-Shammaa
1Website Management UnitManagement of the University of Baghdad’ website, providing web hosting services and technical support for the websites of the university's formations and journalsAssist. Lecturer Furat Nidhal Tawfiq
Head of Translators: Dalal Rida Abbas
Programmer: Raed Hussein Elaiwi
Engineer: Nawar Emad Muhsin
2Website Systems and Applications UnitProvision and management of electronic systems associated with the website, such as Open Journal Systems (OJS), Events and Scientific Activities Management System and the Digital RepositoryLecturer Jalal Sadoon Hameed
Programmer: Alaa Mohammed Mishjil
3Google Accounts UnitProvision and management of official email accounts with all associated cloud services such as e-learningAssist. Lecturer Layla Murtadha Mohammed Ali
Observer: Ali Shamil Mahmoud
Senior Programmer: Batool Mohammed Saleh
4Administrative Follow-up UnitFollow-up of all the administrative matters of this division, including issued and received correspondenceAssist. Lecturer Shahrazad Shaker Rauf
Assistant Director: Ban Shareef Abdul Muneim