Website Division


The Website Division is directly linked to the Rector of the University and consists of four units: the Website Management Unit, the Website Systems and Applications Unit, the Accounts Unit, and the Administrative Follow-up Unit.



The optimal appearance of the university on the international network and the provision of electronic services and systems that help achieve the desired goals for the university’s employees.



We seek integrated digital transformation to make the university a scientific institution with electronic infrastructure with easy access for the visitor to any information related to our university through its website.




  • Optimal dealing with the international network and publishing everything related to our university.
  • Creating a contemporary electronic environment that keeps pace with the rapid development in the digital world.
  • Digital transformation and linking systems to establish an integrated electronic environment.
  • Smooth transfer of information (while maintaining its accuracy) to and from our university employees.

Website Management Unit

Managing the website of the University of Baghdad and providing hosting and technical support for the websites of the university’s formations and journals.


Website Systems and Applications Unit

Providing and managing electronic systems associated with the website, such as journal management system, scientific activities management system, and digital repository.


Google Accounts Unit 

Provide and manage official email accounts and associated cloud services such as e-learning.

Administrative Follow-up Unit

Follow-up on administrative matters of the Division and the issued and incoming book.