Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologies


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Historical View

The institute was established in June 1999, the Institute is engaged in the preparation of campaign Chadad the jurisdiction of the Supreme and techniques of genetic engineering, biotechnology and scientific research and the establishment of Adorat, seminars, and contribute to the transfer of technology in this specialty is vital. Institute includes:
Genetic Engineering Branch
Branch techniques, DNA Unit
The institute offers certification (Higher Diploma, Masters, PhD) in genetic engineering and bio-technologies.
Input Institute:
Because of the nature of the disciplines of Applied overlapping with the other sciences can be organized to study at the Institute’s graduates most of the colleges relevant scientific disciplines support the specialization of the Institute (such as faculties of the group medical and biological technologies and life, etc.), but the scientific departments of the applicants being identified in each plan to accept yearly to maintain a balance between accepted as a promising and energy absorption
Admission Requirements:
Student applicants shall be subject to the same general conditions for admission to the University of Baghdad, is the comparison between applicants from each discipline rests on the unit for the selection of the highest scientific .
The most important activities of the Institute of Education:
Issuing semi-annual scientific journal entitled (Iraqi Journal of Technology and Life issued the first edition of the magazine in 2002).
To organize specialized courses in the area of ​​the PCR technique to isolate DNA and a variety of sources and the separation of biological products since 2002 and so far.
Office of the Consultant to provide scientific services to graduate students .
To prepare seminars and annual symposia:
The first scientific conference of the Institute of Genetic Engineering was held in April of 2008
The second Scientific Conference was held in October of 2009.