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Educational and Psychological Research Center

Historic View

Educational Studies and Psychological Research Center is considered a research academic institution interested in educational & psychological topics under the dome of educational & psychological science including studies of psychology; creative thinking, clinical psychology, psychiatry, education, teaching methods and psychological guidance.

The center was established on 8th of August 2008 under the title (Educational Studies and Psychological Research Center) headed by Dr. Gassan Hussain Salim as director general, this title resulting from the integration of the two centers :

The Educational & Psychological Research Center; Which established in 15/10/1966 headed by:

  • Dr. Suaad Khalil Ismaeel (1966
  • Dr. Moafaq AL-Hamadani (1970
  • Dr. Majeed I braheem Dama (1972
  • Dr. Abid ALjabar Tawfeeq AL-Bayati (1975
  • Dr. Abid ALwhab Hassan AL Aisa (1978
  • Dr. Mohammad Ali khalf (1979
  • Dr. Badri Abid AL munam (1981
  • Dr. Abraham Khadem Ibrahim (1982
  • Dr. Mahdi Salha Mahdi AL samarai (1991
  • Dr. Khwla Abid ALwhab ALQusi (1996
  • Dr. Hassan Hmood AL Fahi (1999
  • Dr. Hana Mhmood AL Mashadani (2001
  • Dr. Hassan Hmood AL Fahi (2002
  • Dr. Khwla Abid ALwhab ALQusi (2003

Psychological Research Center; which was established in 1986 headed by the late director general Dr. ALharith Abid AL hameed who assassinated on 6/12/2006 then Dr. Gassan Hussain Salim had been taking the charge of the center since 2006 as director general.

Educational Studies and Psychological Research Center is interested in questionnaires, surveys related to the most important society issues, applied researches specialized in developing mental abilities in addition to the educational, psychological, technical, and scientific consultation, as well as parapsychological studies.

The Most Distinguished Pioneers

    1. proff. Dr. ALi AL Wardi
    2. Proff. Dr Mati Naseer maqudsi
    3. Proff. Dr. Hussain Mahfood
    4. Mr. Naji Mhafood
    5. Mr. Salman Yakoop AL Abidi
    6. Dr. Riad ALbanaa
    7. Dr. Musaarh ALawi
    8. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Raheem
    9. Dr. Sabah baqer Ataii
    10. Dr. Nazer Mohammad Saeed ALAni
    11. Dr. Abid ALjaleel AL Zawbah
    12. Dr. quees Abid AL Fatah
    13. Dr. Amal Yakoop
    14. Dr. Hana Hussain AL Folafeli
    15. Dr. Baha AL Daeen Abid Alha
    16. Dr. Layla Yosif ALhaj Naji
    17. Dr. Ganeem Hamdoon
    18. Herman Frendas.


The center amis at conducting researches and applied studies related to educational and psychological phenomena; extra sensory perception, creative & mental abilities; personality studies

  • Building data base about educational and psychological sciences.
  • Conducting field surveys on selected samples from the society and applying diagnostic tests on individuals all over the country.
  • Conducting theoretical and applied scientific studies in the field of extrasensory abilities and mental in the educational and psychological fields and attempting to find logical and scientific explanations.
  • Holding conferences, scientific symposiums and seminars according to tabulated programs.
  • Holding developing courses in the field of educational and psychological science and comparative science to develop performance efficiency and achievement in different fields.
  • Spread general and special parapsychological educational psychological topics depending on scientific bases by specialized lectures in and outside the center.
  • Supervise the preparation and implementation of programs by training gifted individual and making use of them scientifically.
  • Supervise programs of M.A. and Ph.d in parapsychology and educational psychological sciences related to clinical psychology.
  • Spreading educational and psychological knowledge depending on scientific bases outside Iraq especially in Arab area.
  • Provide counseling in educational, parapsychology and psychological topics.