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Vision of University of  Baghdad
(A Pioneering and productive Cognitive University that Competes with other Universities  Internationally)

Mission of University of Baghdad
University of Baghdad is an integral system that consists of (24) scientific and humanitarian colleges , (3) institutes and (9) firmly-established research centers. Besides it contains 171 fields of specializations. It believes that building Man and developing the society are the basis of having generations who can build the country. The  essential purposes of the university are learning, teaching, doing researches and serving  the society through providing a stimulating  environment of the potentials, qualified university teachers together with  curricula that enable  the students  how to deal with the requirements of the business markets and information technology which support all fields of specializations. In addition the university undertakes to prepare productive and self- reliable graduates. It is also characterized by developing the minds, the scientists and the innovators. It must be open to the society in order to find the scientific solutions and develop the business practices. Furthermore, it emphasizes the integration of the theoretical and practical knowledge and the rehabilitation to  accomplish the academic accreditation.    

The strategic objectives of Baghdad university:
The university is working to achieve its mission through the following objectives:
1. Providing the qualified manpower to work in various fields that corresponds to the evolving needs of the labor market.
2. Improving the educational and the administrative processes to contribute in the achievement of the university vision and mission.
3. Development of faculty members.
4. Improvement of our scientific achievements in a way that corresponds with the international accreditation standards.
5. Development of the educational programs adopted to benefit from the international experiences in diverse specializations in a way that corresponds with the requirements of the labor market.
6. Improving the capacity of personnel and creating new capabilities in line with quality requirements.
7. Re-engineering of procedures in a way that facilitates processes, facilitating processes and adoption of modern techniques for mastering them.
8. Reviewing the organizational structures of the university, colleges, institutes and centers that correspond with the new orientation of the university.
9. Completion of job descriptions for all formations of the university.
10. Development of methods of performance evaluation adopted in the university depending on quality, not quantity as our philosophy.
11. Support for cultural and scientific ties and documenting them between the university and the scientific institutions and Arab and international universities.
12. Automation of university work.


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University Activities

Professors of the faculty of language donate their blood to the heroes of the popular crowd and army

A number of the teaching of the college of languages at University of Baghdad in cooperation ...

Symposium on the dangers of plastics at the faculty of science

Central environmental laboratory at the faculty of sciences, University of Baghdad held ...

Faculty of nursing organizes a trip to the marshes of Maysan

Faculty of nursing at University of Baghdad organized a scientific trip to the marshes of Maysan ...

Faculty of languages mourns its martyr Dr. Hassan Abdul Amir

Faculty of languages at University of Baghdad mourns with grieve its martyr Dr. Hassan Abdul Amir ...

Workshop on measurement of scientific research at the department of scientific affairs

Department of scientific affairs at the presidency of University of Baghdad held a workshop ...


- Microphotometer

- “Ayah 3Sx3p-3D-solar” photometer

- The use of oil and anise seed to improve the productive and reproductive performance of different flocks of chickens

- Design of a new type of solar energy systems surfaces with a design that prevents the accumulation of dust using a technique of antenna induction Vibratory

- Removal of cadmium from simulated wastewater be electrodepostion on stainless steel tubes bundle electrode

- AKUL extract shampoo as an effective treatment of scalp inflammation &as best hair conditioner

- AKUL extract as an effective mouth wash

- Bacterial Techniqe to Produce Biophoshate Fertilizer and other Nutrients from Phosphate Rock and Whey

- First semen collection and artificial insemination of ducks and geese in Iraq using modern techniques

- The use of natural antioxidants to reduce the phenomenon of oxidation of fat that naturally occurs during storing fluid of male birds sperm

- Inventing an alternative new technique of Visopan screen microscope for textile scans and Determination of volumetric density and the relative weight of the components of the tissue for 2012

- Ceramic Water Filters

- Production and purification the enzyme glucose Aazomez of isolated local bacteria with studying some of properties and its usage in corn syrup and solution of pure glucose

- Design, Manufacture and Test a device to Measure the Length of Alsarcomir in muscle Fibers for Various Kinds of Meat

- Faculty members of College of Engineering at Baghdad university get Patent

- remove cadmium from contaminated water by electrochemical deposition using tubes of stainless steel package

- Bacterial technology to produce fertilizers Alvesfo - vital and some other elements o fphosphate and whey rock.

- The use of IRAQI METHOD ( uropygiaectomy ) to improve the Fertility and Hatchability in broiler breeded flocks .

- Locally preperd synbiotic and used it for early feeding for broiler chicks

- Local prepared for Automatically machine for loading the liquid material .

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve broiler performance

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve sexual activity of cocks

- Surgical removal of uropygial gland ( IRAQI METHOD ) to convert the sterile hen ( non-layer ) to high egg produce hen

- The Treatment of the Collapse of the Gypsum soil by Injection of Ekrelite

- Patent for two Professors of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad.

- Two professors from the Faculty of Agriculture received a patent.

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