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Computer Center

Historic View

It was established in 1982.It aims at training university staff to use the computer, training involves basic and advanced courses. It consists of four departments Programming, Continuing Education ,Maintenance ,And Operating System )


  1. Planning , implementing & developing the ICT infrastructure of university of Baghdad.
  2. Building cooperation relationships with worldwide companies to import their ICT and use it in Iraq.
  3. Transfer the ICT to the colleges by building cooperation relationships with them.
  4. Developing the experiences of the employees of ministries in ICT fields.
  5. Submit the consultations in ICT fields.
  6. Designing & hosting the websites.
  7. Training on using computer and its various types of applications .
  8. Mechanizing the manual skills and systems to increase accuracy, decrease effort and time.
  9. Network installation and Internet service conduction.
  10. Computers maintenance.
  11. Giving the consultations in computer fields.
  12. Evaluating students and teachers efficiency and performance through the indirect mechanizing test and giving them online certifications.