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Historical View

College of Science for Women has been established on July 24th, 2002 after the splitting of the scientific departments from the College of Education for Women. College of Science for Women is an important scientific institution with orientation and programs concerning women and their education and qualification to enable them to have their rightful role in the development process and the construction of the Iraqi society.


The College offers an opportunity for young women to learn and to achieve the personal and professional goals and aspirations throughout higher education in order to engage them in various areas and to create successful leaders in their personal life and society. As a college of women, we believe that women must be trained intellectuality, socially, morally, and creatively to assume their full place in the contemporary global society of the twenty- first century.


College of Science for Women in the University of Baghdad is one of the most prominent institutions that focuses on women’s education, their intellectual development, and personality; it ensures that women posses the needed qualifications to have a positive and an important role in developing, construction, and also in dealing with the challenges facing our society. College of Science for Women grants the right of higher education for some women who are prevented to join the co-educational colleges because of the traditions, beliefs, and culture of their families. The College grants women the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree to meet the needs of various fields of work in accordance with the scientific specialties or to proceed in their study to get Master and Doctorate degrees so as to be employed in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or other relevant governmental institutions. The College also accepts other students who apply to study in the scientific departments due to their grades in the general examinations in the secondary schools and according to the system of the central admission, or to avoid competition in co-educational colleges and to have more opportunities to study the scientific departments that they prefer. The undergraduate program in the College of Science for Women is four-year study. For the morning classes, the College offers Bachelor of Science degree in the following specialties: Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. While in the evening classes, the College affords the students Bachelor of Science degree in the former specialties except for the Department of Physics which offers Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Physics. The College offers Master of Science and Doctorate degrees in the scientific specialties available in the departments: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The College is concerned with accomplishment of the educational programs and non- academic activities that develop the students’ personal and intellectual abilities which promote their self-esteem and enhance their ambitions in accordance with the principles of decency and the good citizenship.


Implementation the distinguished programs and curricula of robust international universities which achieve the aspired scientific level of the College.
Promoting the higher studies and the scientific research to deal with the challenges and to contribute in developing the environmental, economical and social programs.
Reinforcing the woman’s rights and prepare her to have more opportunities to hold leading positions. The College is adopting academic subjects that deal with woman, law, and civil leadership in the curricula.
Adopting the modern learning programs and developing the website of the College to be an effective means to interact with students and community.
Implementation of learning and educational programs that maintain self- confidence of the students and increase their intellectual, personal, and professional skills to be successful in their careers and to aspire to have higher positions.
Organizing the non-curricula classroom activities that contribute in the development of students’ personalities and building activities that reinforce their ethical principles and develop their sense of responsibility in order to prepare them to be more involved in community.
Activating the role of continuous learning programs which build up the capacities and skills of employees of the College and to be in touch with governmental institutions of the Iraqi society.
Improving the periodical scientific journal issued by the College to be of excellent international value and global reputation.
Collaborating with associated scientific institutions to upgrade the field of scientific research in the College.
Improving and modernizing of the administrative programs of the College to keep up with up-to-date systems of scientific institutions in order to have the College as a prestigious scientific institution that sustains the fields of potency and diversity in higher education in Iraq.