College of Physical Education and Sport Science for Women

College of Physical Education and Sport Science for Women


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Historical View

College of Physical Education for Women was established to prepare specialists in physical and sport education fields with practical and scientific qualities. At the beginning Physical Education Branch was established in 1956 followed to College of Education for Women in Bab Al-Muaadham first graduation was in 1960 in which Bachelor Degree in Physical Education was given to first women graduates. Physical Education Department was found in College of Education for Women in 1984. Headmaster of the department at that time was Dr. Akil Al-Katteb till 1990 after him Dr. Akrem Subhi became the department chief from 1990 till 1994 then Dr .Wegih Mehgoob became the chief from 1994 till 1996. According to urgent need for developing women sport and achieving aims of scientific research and changed to College of Sport Education for Women according to decision from a ministry of higher education and scientific research. The first dean of the college was Dr. Sadk Farag Thiab (1996-2001). after him Dr.Muaaid Abdulla Gassm became the dean from 2011 till 2003. Then Dr.wedad Muhammed Reshad Almufti became the dean from 2003 till 2005). Then Dr. Nawal Mehdi Al-ubaidi became the dean of the college from 2005 till 1/8/2011 then Dr. Muna Talib THabit Al-Badri became the dean of the college by proxy from 1/8/2011 till now.

College’ departments:

Theoretical science Branch.
Team Games Branch.
Individual Games Branch.
College aimed at preparing physical education teachers to cover the need of schools, educational institution, sport clubs and centers in Iraq National Olympic Committee. Also the college has inner and outdoor playgrounds for games of (handball, basketball, volleyball and football). In the college 730 students for Bachelor D. Also there are students in higher studies for master D.and Ph. D. There are (60) specialist teachers in all its branches. Also the college has 77 personnel.


The college concentrates on giving the best results in sport education science by using modern techniques in teaching and learning to prepare students to take their part in society and educational institutions.


College of physical education for women/university of Baghdad looks at scientific strategy to be supported scientific college worldly and regionally and play an important roll in society development in sport and culture fields.


Prepare sport education teachers for different teaching stages in teaching, training ,organization and administration in all sport education fields.
Using modern scientific methods in teaching, training, educations and scientific research. Presenting scientific studies and researches which serve teaching and education process
Presenting higher studies to prepare specialists in recreation, health, education, physical and sport fields. Cooperating with other sport institution for developing sport movement.
Giving sport and physical education consultations to special and state institutions.
Preparing youth leaders to lead youth sport movement in sport institutions of National Olympic Committee. Having regard to gifted sport women to represent Iraq in world and Arabic championships.