Establishment of University of Baghdad


Baghdad university is proud of its long history .It is not only the biggest educational establishment; but the most distinctive one .It has been the source of many graduated staff members that have performed highly in educational ,technical and administrative fields .They have achieved a high progress in transforming their experiences to other Iraqi universities that have been established later. Baghdad University history has been the result of perception of its importance that led the government at that time to establish it.The first responsible committee for studying the possibility of its establishing an Iraqi university was formed in 1943.
In September 1956, the first administrative law regarding the establishing of University in Iraq (with the name of Baghdad University) was declared .In 1957, the first President was appointed and the first administrative board was declared. Board members studied virtual colleges and institutes established previously by that time .They made some radical progress modification in colleges and institutes status to attach them to the university after being confirmed suitable scientific level.In 1958, another law was legislated .It announced the establishment of a university with an administrative board .That was Baghdad university with its colleges including : Law, Engineering ,Education, Medicine ,Pharmacology ,Arts ,Agricultural ,Veterinary .In addition to these colleges ,a number of institutes were attached to the university ;they were : Administrative sciences, Languages ,Landscape architecture ,the higher industrial engineering and physical Education. Because of the increase of the development requirements in Iraq , the University had to be expanded regarding the number of students, technical and Educational staff members, and the range of its educational Development that spread to include all other Iraqi cities. This in return resulted in establishing the university of Mousl including : colleges of Medicine ,Engineering ,Agricultural ,Pharmacology and humanities and institute of computers. In Basrah, on the other hand colleges of Law, Education and Engineering were established.
In early April,1967 ,these colleges became the fundamental colleges in Basrah and Mousal Universities. Ever since, Baghdad university extended its efforts towards the fulfillment of all national advancement requirements through increasing the number of accepted applicants in different fields of specializations. Besides, many colleges were found ; they became twenty four, in addition to four more postgraduate studies institutes ,they are :Urban and regional planning ,laser and plasma Institute,Genetic engineering and biotechnology techniques,and High institute for finance studies. They also respond by increasing the scope of the postgraduate studies which is followed by an increase in the number of applicants. It is worth mentioned that at the end of the fifties of the last century, Abdul Karim Kassim lied the foundation stone of the tower of the University.