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Historical View

Our college is a unique institution in Iraq, which has assumed the task of teaching several of the most common living international and local languages. However, we admit that the School of Languages at the University of Sulaymaniyah is also another institution aims at teaching languages, but, only three languages are taught in this school, namely, Arabic, Kurdish and English. The College of Languages – University of Baghdad- Has been established in 1987 when both the European Languages and English departments were separated from the College of Arts to form the cornerstone of the currently famous College of Languages. The college since its emergence as a specialized linguistic institution has extended its studies to include 11 languages namely, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Turkish, Persian, Kurdish and Syriac. Historically, foreign languages teaching in Iraq dates back to the seventeenth century when Iraq witnessed the emergence of modern schools which, at that time, used Turkish as their official language. On the other hand, the schools of the religious minorities in Iraq adopted other foreign languages in their teaching, in addition to the Turkish as the official one. English, for its literary and scientific status as well as its worldwide use, had been entered to the teaching curricula during the time of the British occupation of Iraq to acquire, afterward, an important status during the times of both the Monarchy and Republican regimes. If we try to mark the actual date of its establishment, we can say that College of Languages dates back to 1963 to later be merged, in 1969 along with other colleges, namely, College of Girls, College of Education and Faculty of Islamic Law, with the College of Arts. At that time, a department for the European languages, which was separated from English Department, was introduced. A department for the Oriental Studies which included Turkish, Persian and Hebrew languages was established. Later, both the European and Oriental departments were separated from the College of Arts to become the core of the College of Languages which has been established in 1987 as mentioned above. The aim of the college is to teach these above mentioned languages, to graduate qualified students in the fields of translation, interpretation and teaching. It also aims at expanding the spectrum of the languages it teaches to include other living languages such as Chinese, Japanese and another Scandinavian language, due to the presence of a large community there. The college attention is not limited to the undergraduate studies but it includes also the postgraduate studies, which has been opened since the Nineties of the last century. Now, it has its faculty members of highly qualified Professors who have been contributing to the Iraqi and abroad universities by graduating competent students. The college has a specialized peer- reviewed and certified Journal [Lughat] (Journal of Languages) which publishes specialized academic researches in both local and international languages and teaches these languages. During the last two years, this approach has become evident through holding scientific symposiums, conferences and the cultural days (assigning a specified day for each department and the language it teaches to introduce the culture of that language community to the Iraqi students and guests) of the departments which aim at deepening of these academic activities as well as establishing them.


Orientation , preparation & escalation of the academic and translation level to contribute in the development and economic process by adapting modern educational methodology and follow-up the newly developments and enhance such educational programs to back-up different governmental establishments . in addition to activate the private sector’s role inside the common atmosphere of the team spirit as well as the career moralities. Focusing on the educational & ethical side of the student and spread up the spirit of forgiveness and committing to the ethics of the human interaction flexibility with the Ego in the first place and secondly with people in accordance with the spiritual & positive legitimacies. Focusing upon enriching the student’s knowledge by recognizing other people’s cultures & habits. Activate the scientific role to assist the society with experimental programs, thus to overcome expected problems , then to solve it due to scientific equable programs.


Provide high – quality studying programs, focusing upon the scientific version intensively, emphasizing on the fully extent usage of the phonetic lab. Prepare distinctive features in translation & interpretation from & to Arabic to back-up the governmental & private departments. Prepare special academics in the field of language & literature. Promote the qualifications of the graduates in order to acquire high diplomas by setting bilateral agreements between University of Baghdad & the European Universities in accordance with the language departments really existed in the college of languages. College of languages has the privilege to contain scientific depts. which are the only counterpart within the entire universities of Iraq, thus we hope that our college would direct the opening of similar depts. in those universities that lack such depts.


Prepare academics & translators with high-profile talents. Enhance the parameters of quality to ensure the application of the international criteria within the aspect of high education. Follow –up the newly development of different studying programs. Improve the university’s environment to achieve a suitable working atmosphere for both students & staff. Enhance the relations between the college & different social slices. Receptiveness & follow-up to other scientific similar depts. inside & outside Iraq. By coordinating with foreign embassies relevant to our college depts. and to give opportunity to both teachers & senior students to communicate with the foreign people in order to promote the standard of teaching & student’s level and direct contact with the native languages for such countries, through summer courses. Courses expenses shall be paid by either the foreign side or by University of Baghdad or even on the teacher’s own. Reconsider the college structure to be appropriate with the ongoing scientific progress. Granting the college a degree of independency to create its own scientific programs & set new units & departments in accordance with the scientific requirements that it earns.