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Historical View

The study of political science as a scientific department and a specialized filed was founded first, at the college of arts, at Baghdad University in 1959. In 1963, it was moved to a new college named the college of economics and political science. During the process of the reorganization of Baghdad University in 1969, the department had become part of the college of law and political science in 1987, the department has become an independent college under the name of the college of political science.


Familiarity with political science students of the origins and the foundations and principles of political science and the rules of political action at the official, popular, and graduation of specialists have the political knowledge and the ability to manage state affairs; at the local, national and international levels.


Cemented and deepen the teaching of political knowledge of scientific origins and principles, rules and mechanisms for the management of public affairs (government) in Iraq and other world countries at the theoretical level and at the level of political practice leading to the preparation of specialists through the curricula of scholarly accuracy and a high level of maturity of the scientific and political to serve our country.


Qualified for the preparation of an in-depth study of policy style equipped with scientific thinking and the ability to academic research and investigation for scientific truth in the field of political thought and political systems and the Third World and International Studies. Prepare professionals to work in the Foreign Ministry, universities and international and regional organizations and functions relating to information, public relations and the teaching of human rights and democracy. To encourage scientific research in the fields of political studies. To provide scientific consultations to ministries and government departments and relevant international and regional organizations and civil society institutions.