College of Education for Women

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Historical View

College of Education For Women was established to be an extension of Queen Alia’s College for Women in 1946. Its administration was combined with Queen Albia’s Institute till 1951. The duration of study was four years and its name had been changed. Later, the College was cancelled .This College started its activity again in 1984-1985 with nine Departments (Arabic, English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Physical Education). In 2001-2002 it has been divided into two colleges and five scientific departments were moved out. Now College of Education For Women includes ten departments (Arabic, English, History, Geography, Home Economics, Kindergarten, Educational and Psychological science, Quran science, Social work and Computer).
Prof. Dr. Amer Mohammed Ali became the dean of the college in 2008. Since the beginning, he put all educational and scientific energy to enable the college to fulfill its scientific and educational role in order to achieve its goals, to prepare a good staff for secondary schools and to prepare the students perfectly to contribute in leading the new Iraqi society, holding principles for good and creative future, challenging all difficulties of this time and armed by knowledge. The staff has a good chance to involve in scientific research or to pursue their studies. The college also puts all its potentials to develop higher studies in all colleges in Iraq. In order to improve teaching cadre and update the curriculum, the college extends cooperation bridges with other Arabic and foreign scientific and academic institutions. It received delegations from foreign countries to be acquainted with its departments and curricula.