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Historical View

Launched the idea of founding the College of Nursing through the urgent necessity for the preparation of cadres of nursing and efficient scientific and practical high-line with the technological development of scientific, technical and commensurate with the need to provide nursing services and preventive, curative and rehabilitative foster maintain the health of decent individual, family and community through the use of advanced methods. Because of that, the College of Nursing was established in 1962-1963 in cooperation between the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, and in 1964 became a college affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, after becoming a member of the University of Baghdad. Since its inception, and continued her career total with determination through the development of educational programs and scientific activities and try to provide the supplies necessary to do so. Through this process Rphit overall health and educational institutions in numbers of graduates qualified scientific and practical Kalpkalorios scientific degrees and master’s and doctoral degrees in the different terms of reference for nursing. The college has been able to achieve thanks to their curricula that reflect the outcome of the accumulated scientific expertise found at the faculty members who are most aspirants in the field of nursing, therefore, characterized these approaches Balrsana science. The College has from the very beginning of its launch to upgrade the nursing profession through a substantial change in teaching methods and the establishment of activities for continuing education and the creation of channels of cooperation and coordination with the stakeholders and the local and international organizations and to begin to enhance the prospects of cultural exchange with Arab universities to send faculty members for the purpose of exchanging experiences and attend conferences and conduct scientific research, as well as participation in local advisory committees and seek to provide scientific resources without incurring any financial implications for the state as a result. We can not fail to mention only the continuous support of His Excellency born ministers of higher education and scientific research, health, and the President of the University of Baghdad to provide the necessary requirements related to the educational process and educational.


Operate the College of Nursing at the University of Baghdad, seriously and persistently to develop cadres of nursing has the qualifications to work in the sector (public and private) and have the ability to provide nursing care Comprehensive preventive, curative and rehabilitation of the individual and the family and society, and by providing academic programs that fit with the mission of the University of Baghdad work on the preparation of the cadres of the graduates are able to take responsibility in the construction and development of Iraqi society.


Seeking College of Nursing at the University of Baghdad, to be an advanced position in the radiation and scientific progress in the field of nursing and its association with health services provided to the community. According to the vision of the University of Baghdad, and that occupies a leading position among the colleges of nursing in Iraqi universities and characterized among those of Arab universities and compete with the universities for by providing the best education and sophisticated scientific research.


College of Nursing seeks to achieve its vision through the following objectives:
Development of students’ abilities to adopt insightful thinking.
Developing the capacity of students to adopt the stylistic self-learning and solve problems or overcome.
Developing the capacity of students to follow the steps in the provision of scientific nursing care.
Personal development of leadership among students and to serve in the decision.
Development of broad understanding among students of the rules of professional conduct.
Development of broad understanding among students regarding the job description and functional analysis.
Enable students to understand the theories and principles of nursing science and application of nursing in providing nursing care and management of nursing.
Directing potential students to initiate the completion of applied scientific research related to the topics of nursing care.