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College of Physical Education


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Historical View

It was founded in 1955 to be an institute for physical education in Ministry of Education. It was called Institute of Physical Education. In 1967 it was renamed as College of Physical Education the aim of which is to spread the various fields of physical education between the young graduates so as to produce athletic generation capable of training students at secondary schools. It consists of two branches (Theoretical Science, Applied Science).


Preparing the significant qualified and specialized personnel in the physical education and sport sciences area is one of the aspiring missions of the college to participate in supporting the scholastic sport and health of society rather than preparing researchers in the sport sciences area to go higher with Iraqi sport movement on all levels.


The Physical Education College in the University of Baghdad aspires to be one of the reliable scientific colleges in the world by going beyond its scientific and administrational level and to be the pioneer in the scientific research area for the benefit of the Iraqi, Arabic and National society.


Preparing sport education teachers for secondary schools acquainted with the physical, educational, and social aspects.
Developing the sport movement of the whole governmental sectors cooperated with who concerns (Youth Ministry and Olympic Committee.)
Contributing in sport culture promotion and looking forward to making sport one of the important means of bringing people together.
Contributing in serving society through sport practicing education and its positive effects on public health of the individual (promoting health awareness of practicing sport) and developing sport education curriculum serving the progress and transcendence of society.
Preparing scientific and qualified personnel to work in the scientific research areas and sport training to reshape the realty of the Iraqi sport.
Contributing in leading sport movement by the significant scientific personnel.