College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine


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Historical View

It was established in 1955. The goal of this college is to have qualified veterinary physicians. The college consists of nine branches (Pathology & Poultry Diseases, Anatomy& Histology, Internal Preventive Medicine, Parasitological, Veterinary Public Health, Microbiology ,Sugary And Obstetrics ,Physiology and Pharmacology And Zoontic Diseases).


Preparing distinguished graduates and expanding in student’s acceptance with keeping update scientific knowlege.
Graduates are fundamental adobes for distinguished postgraduate studies in the country.
Draw a pathway map to develop the ability of the college’s staff by enrolling in courses abroad.
Giving a greater role and motives for research centers which offer social services.
Ensuring the quality of social needs by encouraging distinguished research projects of staff members.
Make the college idle for mutual commutation between students and staff and give the educational guidance the top priority.


The college of veterinary medicine anticipates to becoming an educational research guidance in situation and to be eminent and distinguishable in the field of teaching and social service and in the system that implicate promotion of animal wealth in the country by presenting qualified graduates perceptive the importance of the career with the commitment responsibility and pioneer for distinguished creation in the career.


Escorting progression in scientific veterinary fields through developing updating courses annually and encouraging staff to proceed the recent development in their fields of specialization then passing on the more resent information to the students putting them in competition with the international veterinary colleges.
Habilitation the laboratories with developed scientific devices and instruments.
Scientific projects of the postgraduate policy to solve social problems.
Encouragement the scientific research by holding specialized scientific conferences.