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Historical View

Faculty of Arts of the oldest colleges of Iraq, and from her womb and was born at Baghdad University – University of the mother – a college’s unique managed to maintain their traditions university honored to now, also characterized the specificity of authentic singled out among other colleges had supplied the cultural landscape of the Iraqi names shiny and research on solid scientific and alleys built the largest conferences and cultural seminars attended and lectured Akaber Iraqi culture, Arab and international work of the former regime, the scaled and separated from the cultural reality of the country, and fought teachers evacuation and chased them … So when the narrowed lower academics and intellectuals Iraqis returned memory after the fall of the former regime to the lap I (Faculty of Arts), where there lives professors Taha Baqir and Jawad Ali and Ali Jawad Taher and Ali pink and Jafar _khasbak and Yasin Khalil and Khalil Ammash and Ibrahim Shawkat, Jassim Mohammed back ….. and the list long, was held the first gathering of intellectuals, a cultural free the Iraqis after the fall of the Hall (Faraaheedi) amid the rubble and the smoke of fires of the oldest libraries library is a library of Graduate Studies.

Out (Faculty of Arts) a lot of men of science and education of Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners who were able to build their countries, and has embraced the Knights of Iraqi culture and Arabic, some go to the mercy of God after a short period from the fall of the regime (such as Dr. stubbornness Ghazwan, Dr. Saleh Ahmed Ali, Dr. Sami Said Ahmad and Dr. Madani Saleh Kamil Shaibi) and others still continue to give scientific and God prolong the age (Hossam Alusi and Qais Al-Nouri and tired Manaf al-Samarrai and the perfection of appearance and Hamdan Kubaisi and Murtaza Captain and the joy of al-Tikriti, and Abdul Aziz Hamid and Abdul Latif Jumaili, Fadel Abdul Wahid and Abdul Ilah Al Fadil and Khalid al-Adhami, Ghazi Recep ) and the list is too long.

Dr. Fawzi Yousef to (the College of Arts – Baghdad University celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the days 22-24 of March 1977), although this college was founded in the fall of 1949, did not refer to the reason for choosing the days of 22-24 March, especially as the beginning of the the first session was in the years 1948 -1949 AD so we tried to searching as much as possible Migar information, Faragana in a directory (Baghdad University) for the year (1962-1963 AD), we found a reference to the Faculty of Arts was founded years (1949 m) and was then merged with the Faculty of Science, called the name of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and repeated the words in the Guide to the University of Baghdad (1984-1985), who stressed that the establishment of the Faculty of Arts was the year 1949.

It also indicated the front of Baghdad University for the year (1959-1960) to the emergence of the idea of ​​creating a university in the forties of the last century for the purpose of enhancing the leading role of scientific research after the group was founded colleges purpose of a professional for the purpose of preparing employees or professionals careers that will meet the need utensils, rendering the government in the year ( 1943) ordered the formation of the first committee to study the project of establishing the University of Baghdad, headed by British expert Mr. (Hmla) and the Committee concluded to the importance of establishment of the university and the recommendation of the establishment of the first colleges, namely, (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) in 1949 to be its president Care morality and science free without have to comply with the graduation of professionals, was the College (of Arts and Science) the first implant of higher education in Iraq, the real nucleus of the University of Baghdad.

Continued study in this college so that the enactment of the University of Baghdad in September 1956, and this university was founded officially, but the law remained disabled has not been prescribed in its implementation until late 1957, when he was appointed Dr. Matthew Akrawi the first president of Baghdad University and President of the Constituent Council of the University of Baghdad.

After the revolution of July 14, 1958 m, re-consideration of the university project and stopped the work of the Constituent Assembly Vtkont Committee recommended to overturn a law in 1956 and replaced it with another law passed in 1958, which abolished the Constituent Assembly and was replaced by the University Council, which met for the first time in November 1958, were separated Faculty College of Arts and Sciences.

Was (Faculty of Arts) at its establishment, comprising three sections, namely the Arabic language and literature, social studies (history and geography), philosophy, and then added other sections totaling seven are: Arabic, English, and effects, and civilization of the year (1951), economics, history, geography and the meeting of the year (1952) But in 1954 abolished the Department of Philosophy, at the beginning (1959 AD) was the opening of two new sections, namely the Kurdish language and the political science department, in the year (1960) re-open the Department of Philosophy, and stripped the political science department, as the right to the Faculty of Economics and Political Science Year (1962) As the right in (1963) Language Department, Faculty of Kurdish language, in the year (1964) introduced the journalism department for the first time, and reorganized and renamed as (the media department) and then separated from the college and became the Faculty of Information in the year (2003).

In the year (1969) incorporated into the Faculty of Languages ​​and girls, education and law at the Faculty of Arts and has developed a result, Department of European Languages, which broke away years (1980) for English Department and the Department of Oriental Studies (Turkish, Hebrew, Persian) and the Department of Religion, which merged with him in years (1972 ) College (Theology). In (1988) separated section of Oriental Languages ​​and European Literature from the Faculty of Languages ​​and the right to development, after converting a portion of the Kurdish language to the Faculty of Education and the Department of the assets of religion took the name of (Faculty of Law) and in 1974 introduced the Department of Psychology.

Characterized (Faculty of Arts), its activity of cultural in all fields of human knowledge, holding the seminars and conferences are important, and had a season of cultural, has been revived recently, and offered a monthly seminar of them (Dr. Ali pink what the pros and cons, poetry readings, language and harmony of civilization, sciencemeeting and its role in the changes taking place, the West in the eyes of the Arab novel, the prevalence of cheating among students, human rights throughout history).

Served (Faculty of Arts) building opposite the Institute of Medical Technical holy door at establishment and then moved in the year (1956) to the building occupied by the Faculty of Law and after the merged colleges of education, law, languages, and girls in the Faculty of Arts Year (1969) school moved into the building, which was operated by Faculty of Commerce, the current building.

In the Faculty of Arts and laid the building blocks of higher studies in Iraq, particularly in the Department of History for the year (1960-1961) to study the Masters, and opened a study for a doctorate in the year (1972) in sections (history, geography and Arabic) and at the present time include the graduate (Masters and PhD) each eight divisions, and the average number of graduate students in the college of about 700 students.

Dean of the College took a group of Distinguished Professors are:

Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Douri (1949-1958 AD)
Dr. Mahdi Makhzoumi (1958-1961 AD)
Dr. Nagy is known (1961-1964 AD)
Dr. Jamil Said Ani (1964-1968 AD)
Dr. Mahmoud gnawa or electro-Zuhairi (1969-1971 AD)
Dr. Khalil al-Tikriti Hmac (1971-1975 AD)
Dr. Nuri al-Hammoudi Qaisi (1975-1980 / 1986-1994)
Dr. Nizar Abdul Latif Sabri (1995-2001 AD)
Dr. Solomon Qahtan Nazareth (2001-2003 AD)
The joy of Dr. Kamel al-Tikriti (2003-2004 AD)
Flaih Dr. Saleh al-Hiti (2004-2005 AD)
Flaih Dr. Karim stapes (2005)

And issued by the Faculty of Arts scientific journal is (Journal of the Faculty of Arts), which issued its first issue in June year (1959 AD) and still this magazine continues to survive and appeared alongside magazine published by the Department of History, published its first issue in 2000, and published scientific research sober in the field ofHistory and Antiquities.


Dissemination of knowledge, deepen and develop and transmit to individuals and their education, training and educating the community and linking the activity of the requirements of the college development plans.
Boost science and scientific research to the highest level and embrace the scientific competencies.
Meet the needs of the community and interact with it by providing specialists in all fields and contribute to the intellectual development of society, according to the stage and the benefits of democratic development, and walk according to the scientific educational plans to achieve the following:
Preparation of university professors, scientists, thinkers and writers.
Prepare qualified to assume the responsibilities and occupancy of leadership positions in various government institutions.
Preparation and training of scientific researchers to create higher efficiencies in the areas of scientific research to support the centers and institutes of scientific research in all government institutions, and provide Aalmchorh Scientific them.
Preparation of plans to ensure quality assurance in accordance with ministerial assurances and university to raise the level of education, including scientific and reflect positively on the teacher and student alike.
Diversification of scientific research for graduate studies and thus contributing to the scientific and add service to the community.
Permanent work in order to achieve balanced development between the progress of science theory and the practical side of it.
Encouragement to think and research and investigate problems in the future, socially, economically, scientifically and diagnose cases and negative perception of the needs and work to find solutions to a Scientific process to them.
Work to be a college center as scientific, cultural and literary reference founded on moral values ​​and to develop the ideals of humanity and the preservation of historical heritage Inherited through the generations and to provide vascular cognitive and communication channels to ensure that the exercise activities. 8. Cultural and scientific researchers in line with the movement of scientific progress in the world. 9. Provision of technical material causes to create an appropriate atmosphere for the process of intellectual creativity. 10. Adopt the idea of ​​science an essential tool in building democratic societies and support. 11. The intellectual side of scientific research sober scientific research in the disciplines that comprise the humanitarian College of Science (Arabic – English – Philosophy – Psychology – Sociology – history – geography – effects). 12. Care under the framework of human thought and the organization of scientific progress and scientific development of cultural cooperation with academic institutions and Oqalemya locally and internationally. 13. Ways to ensure the direct guidance of students by providing them with culturally scientific knowledge and support their activities in order to develop creative thinking in them and to develop personal stage Academy. 14. Contribute to the socialization of students through their exercise to consider a scientific manner for the orderly resolution of problems and cultural and scientific methods in line with a shift Democrat. 15. Creating a growing desire among students in the research, study and acquire knowledge during the initial study and after graduation. 16. Create a spirit of creativity and scientific principle of competition among students and in honor of distinguished them according to the ordinances and university.