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Historical View

College of Pharmacy was founded in 1936 to the urgent need to prepare pharmacists and chemists meet the efficiency of scientific and technical services for the pharmaceutical and chemical analysis in Iraq, and had occupied the building temporarily attached to the Royal Hospital, The first batch had graduated (12 students) with a pharmacist, chemical, and in 1947/1948 was introduced in the college branch of scientific study of chemistry bachelor’s degree and was named college officially Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry of ownership until the year 1958 / 1959 as attached to the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Baghdad, after they had been affiliated to the Directorate of Health General in the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs, The Ministry of Health over the previous period, and in 59 / 1960 and in line with the degrees granted by the University of Baghdad became the certificate to be granted to college graduates is a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, In 1972/1973 introduced a graduate of the college to study masters in four areas of science are chemistry pharmaceuticals, drugs and medicinal plants, and toxins, and pharmaceuticals and in 1975/1976 introduced a study for a doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry, and in 1979 / 1980 adopted the college system quarterly study. And keep abreast of scientific development and global has been the development of a branch of science clinical laboratory in 1984, and the branch of clinical pharmacology in 1993, bringing the number of disciplines in the college of six: the chemistry pharmaceuticals, pharmacists, drugs and medicinal plants, and drugs and toxins, and the laboratory sciences, clinical, and clinical pharmacy.


College of Pharmacy is an institution of learning, research and public utility, purpose of human health and development through the education of pharmaceutical quality and to prepare pharmacists qualified have the capabilities and skills of scientific and professional qualifies them to serve the community in health institutions, factories, pharmaceutical, as well as dissemination of health education and health awareness.


Preparation of a pharmacist as an expert qualified drug to work in health institutions and community pharmacy and patient care, laboratories, pharmaceutical and laboratory analysis of disease and drug factories, as well as scientific work in the offices of the publicity and marketing of medicines. Achieve international standards in pharmaceutical education. To provide scientific advice to ministries and state institutions related to the private sector. Preparation of holders of higher degrees (Higher Diploma, MA, PhD) to supply the Iraqi universities and teaching institutions, community crews and qualified experts in the precise terms of reference in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. Scientific research in the fields of pharmaceuticals and various conferences, symposia, seminars and work to link the initial university education and higher reality and application of community needs and development plans and global development.