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Historical View

Baghdad College of medicine was established in 1927 through the efforts of many Iraqi doctors such as Sami Shawket, Hashim Al-Witri and Saib Showket headed by the college first dean Sir Harry Sinderson. The college has succeeded and developed and still developing by the efforts of many of its sincere past and present employees and the Baghdad medical society. They were convinced of the necessity to establish a medical college to help improve the quality of health service in Iraq at that time.


The basic mission of the Faculty of Medicine – University of Baghdad, is to prepare students to practice medicine according to medical standards, quality of life throughout the global scientific.


College of Medicine, the first medical college in Iraq remains the leading college of medical schools in Iraq and maintain its position among the advanced scientific medical schools in the Arab and international academic and research fields.


The need for primary care physicians and in all medical specialties to treat people and not just symptoms of the disease, prompting the college to focus on the following objectives: Graduation of doctors that hold a bachelor’s degree in medicine, general surgery, having the information and professional capacities and attitudes and having the high efficiency that qualifies them to practice safely and effectivelywith special emphasis on primary health care. Preparation of doctors that are able to determine the quality and size of common health problems in society and ways to address them and prevent their spread. Adopting the principle of lifelong learning and assessment strategies. Acquire the capacities and skills that qualify them for admission to graduate studies and training programs and allow them to specialize and improve the performance and professional development. Emphasis on the principles, attitudes and values ​​to the practice of medical science. Ensuring an integrated health system and in coordination and cooperation with the Iraqi Health Ministry and World Health Organization. Completion of research programs on the problems of society and health needs. Preparation of doctors that know how to listen and understand the patient’s health problems and this is accomplished through the early clinical training during their university studies.