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College of Education for Human science-Ibn Rushd

Historic View

   Accompanied the college education first in her long-lasting rise of education in Iraq, has opened the first time the name (Teachers high) in November 1923, .1341 AH, when the proposed Ministry of Education to the Cabinet its inception and a sense of urgency to the teachers for the development of secondary education, to include two parts: natural science and humanity to them and add a section for math later, and accept the graduates of the Teachers of primary and secondary school graduates ...The study was the evening, collected from each student an amount of (15) rupees a month, the equivalent of dinars and 125 fils has been a study in the house the evening to 1929, then turned to the morning study, and the right by the Department of Interior and the duration of the study two years at the expense of the government .

The owners at the Foundation consists of:

    1. professor shining the exclusive teaching of psychology and philosophy of science and pedagogy .
    2. Professor Abdul Latif for the teaching of the agricultural history of the Arabs .
    3. Professor Joseph Trophy for teaching the history of urbanization, the Iraqi .
    4. Mr. Wadih happier for the teaching of economic geography .
    5. Mr. Hashim Al Saadi to teach geographical Iraq .
    6. Mr. Wadih Abdel Karim to teach physics .
    7. Izz al-Din, a professor of religion to science teaching chemistry and natural history .

    The Dean is Dr. Aseel Naji, Lama and his agent, he asked Mr. Mushtaq, who was director of minor Central in 1927.

    The following year, add them professors:

    1. professor d. Naji authentic teaching of the history of civilization .
    2. Rusafi known professor to teach the Arabic Language .
    3. Mr. Jalal Zreik for the teaching of mathematics .
    4. Mr. Ibrahim to improve the teaching of chemistry .
    5. Mr. Shawki Aldandasa to teach the history of Islam .
    6. Muhammad Khurshid, a professor to teach English translation .

    In 1931 this house was canceled Fbl of the Ministry of Education.

    In 1935 it was re-opening of the house once again was the period of study is two years.

    In 1937, increased the duration of the study for another year, making the study period of three years.

    In 1937 became a study in the house mixed after accepting the girls.

    In 1939 he was a house with a high number of teachers (55) of 1939 became the period of study is four years.

    In the academic year 1941_1942 branch of the right to teach foreign languages.

    In the academic year of study in which 1942_1943 extended to five years, as added Thoudrah year with a view to prepare new students for the subsequent phases, the study and divided into two sections:

    • The first branch of literature: includes Arabic, English, geography and history.
    • The second branch of science: The study includes the subjects: biology, physics and mathematics .

    In 1945_1946 back to the period of study is four years.

    In 1949, introduced by the religious lessons in the curricula of Teachers high.

    In 1958, named (Teachers high) on behalf of Faculty of Education and inflicted in the same year the University of Baghdad, and after a number of law (28) for the year 1958, which made the main aim of college education is to prepare teachers for the studies and medium-prep, as appointed Prof. Dr. Kamal Ibrahim, Dean them.

    The curricula Vetozaat on three types of studies:

    • First, studies specialization include: science natural and sports, social and literary.
    • Second, studies of the general culture, including: foreign languages ​​and to address contemporary problems. Third: Marine Biology career include: education, psychology and pedagogy.

      And became awarded Bakrus and relieved by the graduates of reserve service.

    In 1968_1969 canceled college education.

    In 1974 was re-opened college education has been defined period of study is four years, and accept the graduates of junior high school two branches of scientific, literary, and the number of teachers certified curriculum.

    In 1988 the college was divided into two faculties:

    • College Education First / Averroes: It includes sections in the humanities and the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences
    • College education Frame / Ibn al-Haytham: It includes sections on scientific studies and the branch of Educational and Psychological Sciences

    In the academic year 1987_1988 has been the development of graduate studies (Masters and PhD) In 1992_1993 open a branch in the name of methods of teaching the Holy Quran

    In the same year opened the evening studies, but it closed in 2003, but opened again in 2009.

    The Faculty has seven scientific departments, namely:

    • Anglo-language department
    • Department of Arabic Language
    • Department of Kurdish language
    • Department of History
    • Department of Geography
    • Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences
    • Science Department of the Koran.


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- Microphotometer

- “Ayah 3Sx3p-3D-solar” photometer

- The use of oil and anise seed to improve the productive and reproductive performance of different flocks of chickens

- Design of a new type of solar energy systems surfaces with a design that prevents the accumulation of dust using a technique of antenna induction Vibratory

- Removal of cadmium from simulated wastewater be electrodepostion on stainless steel tubes bundle electrode

- AKUL extract shampoo as an effective treatment of scalp inflammation &as best hair conditioner

- AKUL extract as an effective mouth wash

- Bacterial Techniqe to Produce Biophoshate Fertilizer and other Nutrients from Phosphate Rock and Whey

- First semen collection and artificial insemination of ducks and geese in Iraq using modern techniques

- The use of natural antioxidants to reduce the phenomenon of oxidation of fat that naturally occurs during storing fluid of male birds sperm

- Inventing an alternative new technique of Visopan screen microscope for textile scans and Determination of volumetric density and the relative weight of the components of the tissue for 2012

- Ceramic Water Filters

- Production and purification the enzyme glucose Aazomez of isolated local bacteria with studying some of properties and its usage in corn syrup and solution of pure glucose

- Design, Manufacture and Test a device to Measure the Length of Alsarcomir in muscle Fibers for Various Kinds of Meat

- Faculty members of College of Engineering at Baghdad university get Patent

- remove cadmium from contaminated water by electrochemical deposition using tubes of stainless steel package

- Bacterial technology to produce fertilizers Alvesfo - vital and some other elements o fphosphate and whey rock.

- The use of IRAQI METHOD ( uropygiaectomy ) to improve the Fertility and Hatchability in broiler breeded flocks .

- Locally preperd synbiotic and used it for early feeding for broiler chicks

- Local prepared for Automatically machine for loading the liquid material .

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve broiler performance

- The use of uropygialectomy ( IRAQI METHOD ) to improve sexual activity of cocks

- Surgical removal of uropygial gland ( IRAQI METHOD ) to convert the sterile hen ( non-layer ) to high egg produce hen

- The Treatment of the Collapse of the Gypsum soil by Injection of Ekrelite

- Patent for two Professors of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad.

- Two professors from the Faculty of Agriculture received a patent.

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