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Department of Engineerig Affairs

  It is a division of technical engineering associated with the university president, all colleges, institutes, centers and departments of Interior and the Office of the Presidency and the rest of the university administrative facilities associated with the university and also works with Baghdad province and Baghdad Provincial Council. Note that the section was formerly (Directorate of public buildings), which included multiple partitions, including the Legal Department and the Department of private accounts and the Department of Implementation and Maintenance and the Department of follow-up and the Department of Design and Projects in addition to other boroughs, where they were reduced in (1982) and most of its members were transferred to other departments outside the university. The aim was to entrust the implementation of community housing projects, the university and the engineering consulting firm acting designs. But this did not happen on a large scale. The division continued with the same functions to intensify the efforts of the previous request of the Bureau and its members' wages for the business assigned were not included in the investment. Then it became an Engineering Section and it continued to do all the work required by the colleges, centers and institutes .It is currently divided into divisions and units of its own, although the nature and size of the business entrusted to it is so big. A proposal to the ministry is sent to re-structure it into a Directorate.

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engaffairs @ yahoo. com

Units of the Department:

It is divided according to its structural into three assistant technicians to oversee the business locations at the site of Jadriya and Bab AL Muadham and the location of the Abu Ghraib.

    1. Division for follow-up.
    2. Planning division and study projects.
    3. Division of execution.
Each division is divided into a set of units as follows:
  • Division for follow-up includes:
      1. Unit of follow up and implementation of projects.
      2. Unit periods and additional prices-
      3. Unit of the first and the final receiving.
  • Division of Planning and the study of projects:
      1. Unit of plan and feasibility study for projects.
      2. The unit designs.
      3. Unit of assay.
      4. Unit of account.
  • Implementation of the Division includes Resident Engineers’ offices.

    Section Manager and Director of the Department: -

     Director of Engineering: - is the one who manages and oversees the administration section with all its technical, administrative sections, and units and has the authority to guide the implementation of the business and determine the duties and the distribution functions of the section on all the staff of the Section, each according to its competence as well as his authority to sign on behalf of the President of the University for some orders and he also has the authority to grant leave for two days to ten to the staff section.

      Management section includes the Director of Engineering and the Director of the Office and the Office staff. It is responsible for the functions and duties of the office all as well as the administrative functions of the department in addition to other tasks related to works of art as well as business management by the staff of the office. The functions are as follows:

      1. Storing and follow-up: keeping all the transactions for the department of engineering by opening the files each according to his work as well as receive mails and distributing them to the outside of the office of the Director to the departments of the university.
      2. The typists print all transactions and statements pertaining to the department whether the investment plan or other statements in addition to the books issued by the department.
      3. Website: - those who are responsible for the maintenance of the Internet and computers for the engineering department or departments’ resident engineer in Jadiriya and identify the needs by distributing a semi-annual inventory to sustain the computers.
      4. Equipment: - responsible for the receipt of stationery needs and requests section of the furniture and other needs of the department in cooperation with the Office of the Director responsible for the stores as well as engineering materials.

     Administrative Unit : The official and their personnel conduct business pertaining to personnel in cooperation with the Office of the Director. It follows up the Department of Administrative Affairs or Academic Affairs.

      1. To do the preliminary studies and planning the needs of colleges, institutes and centers to the facilities and new buildings and expansions.
      2. To do the preliminary studies and planning of the feasibility studies of projects, colleges, institutes and centers and new housing projects that are developed.
      3. To do studies and follow-ups to prepare the investment budget and the annual one in relation to buildings and maintenance.
      4. To design documents necessary to implement the new buildings, expansions and modifications, as well as maintenance work.
      5. To provide technical advice to diagnose and resolve technical problems in operational emergency colleges and the rest of the facilities of the University with regard to buildings and services, electrical and plumbing and air conditioning.
      6. To offer technical supervision of all construction of buildings and other construction works carried out under the investment budget and maintenance work.
      7. To participate with other teams in some events, such as the graduation ceremony, and others.
      8. To prepare studies and designs for multiple projects for different buildings of the University.
      9. All the necessary documents and the investment plan and configuration of the case referred directly to their projects.
      10. Provide engineering support for projects carried out by some colleges and institutions affiliated to the University and the rehabilitation and maintenance projects at colleges that are done by them.

     This section provides these services for a total of (24) colleges and (4) four graduate institutes and (9) nine centers in addition to the building of the presidency of the University of Baghdad (Tower of the university), complexes, hostels and libraries of both Bab ALMuadam and Jadiriyah and the Museum of natural history and distribution of those buildings on a wide geographical area in Jadriya ,Bab ALMuadam, Waziriya, A’meriya, and Abu Ghraib.


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    - Patent for two Professors of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Baghdad.

    - Two professors from the Faculty of Agriculture received a patent.

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