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Presidency of the University of Baghdad- Department of Physical and artistic Education

An Overview of the Department of Physical and Artistic Education

  After the establishment of the University of Baghdad in 1957 there was a need to take care of the talents of students and take advantage of their free time in things that reveal their talents and develop their personality in terms of artistic ,sport ,creative and cultural fields ,thus a committee was formed to supervise the organization and management of sport and arts during the academic year (1962-1963) . An order was issued to form the Directorate of physical Education which was linked for the first time with the Deanship of students. In 1964 the Directorate of Physical Education was linked with the Deanship of the college of Physical Education and later the Directorate of youth Welfare and Physical Education was formed and had other sections: Department of physical activity, cultural and artistic activity, and called (youth care) in addition to the dormitories which was managed by (Prof. Dr. Najm al-Din Suhrawardi.

  In 1986, a university order was issued to appoint (Prof. Dr. Munther Hashim Al- Khatib) Manager of Physical Education, and then the physical and artistic activity and the dormitories were separated from each other at the end of the eighties. In 2001 the physical activity department was re-integrated with the Department of the artistic and cultural activity again and was managed by (Prof. Dr. Rafie Al- Kubaisi).

  In 2003 (Prof. Dr. Faisal Habasha) was assigned to manage the students' activities. In 2004 department of artistic activity the cultural activity was separated from the department of physical activity and Dr. (Khalil Khammas) was assigned the department of physical activity, and Dr. (Saad Shamsuddin Dawood Wehbi) department of artistic and cultural activity. the was assigned In 2008 two departments were merged once again under the name of the Directorate of Physical and artistic Education, (ass. Prof . Dr. Mohammed Jawad Kadhim) was assigned the management of the Directorate.

The Department of physical activity includes a group of postgraduates and of different disciplines (Dr. Sarmad Saeed Shukur, ,Dr. Mustafa Salih Mahdi),it also includes instructors holding master's degree (assistant teacher . Tahseen Hosni,, assistant teacher Mohammed Mahdi) in addition to a range of bachelor's degree holders. There is also staff of the units of Physical Education in the Colleges of the University, the total number is (85), including (25) faculty member of a doctorate degree, and (14) fourteen holders of master's degree.

  As for the Department of artistic Education (artistic and cultural activity) professors and artists have related to it who held scientific positions at the University of Baghdad, such as (Dr. Sultan Al-Shawi), who became president of the University and (Dr. Abdulmursal Al- Zaidi), who became dean of the college of Fine Arts, or professors in the college of Fine Arts and in various functions of managerial positions including (professor Mouad Wehbi,. Dr,. Salah Al-Qasab , Dr. Khalid Al-Jadir , professor Maysar Alfadhli, Dr. Ammar Hadi, Dr. Jabbar al-Obeidi, Dr. Salah Lazim , Dr . Safira Naji, Dr. Naeem Abbas, Dr. Ayadh Abdulrahman,Dr. Saad Shams al-Din and the college of Arts, such as Dr. Majeed Georgis / jurisdiction of the effects), and lectured and belonged to it a group of artists such as (Mr. Hashim Alrajab / Iraqi Maqam , the artist Nazeeha Rashid Al Harthy / plastic arts – drawing , Mr. Idan Sheikhly / sculptor, Mr. Khaled Rasin / violinist, Ievin Behnam / flute player, and lute player Abdurlazzaq al-Hayali, Mrs. Madiha Omar / artist, Dr. Mayson Al- Bayati / play artist and television programmes broadcaster , artist Suad Al-Attar / artist, Dr. Fattah Yousif Khalaf / artist, Dr. Marwan Omran Abdul Majid, / artist).

  The Department of artistic and cultural activity includes a group of postgraduate degrees and with various technical specializations (Dr. Saa'd Shams Al-Din Dawoud/ Fine Arts - Drawing, Dr. Mohammed Aziz Hassan / Theatre Art - Decor) , the department also includes instructors holding master degree (assistant teacher Luma Asaad Abdul Razzaq /typographical design, assistant teacher Najat Al- Zughbi / Artistic Education, assistant teacher Suha Saadi / Ceramics Fine Arts, and assistant teacher Raway Jabbar / theater).

  In addition to the above instructors a range of bachelor's and artistic diploma degree in various specializations (Art Education, Ceramics, Drawing, Arabic Calligraphy and decoration, the design of a typo, Graphic, Glass painting, handicrafts, theater, music, audio and video, garments, Arabic literature and poetry and rhetoric). The Department also includes artistic Library Unit, which originated in 2000 and includes a set of artistic and cultural, training and languages books, ​​in addition to the computer. A specialist in arts manages the library.

  Finally, the department includes the University Museum unit, which was founded in 2007 on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of the University of Baghdad and includes an archive of diverse documents, photos, certificates and the gifts given by the university or others.

  There are also staff members of artistic activity units in the university colleges, some of them holding postgraduate degrees(Dr. Fadhila Muhsin Al-Musawi / Art Education, Dr.Nidhal Diwan ), a Masters degree is (Hiba Tariq / plastic Fine Arts, Adnan Rashid Abdul Razak / plastic Fine Arts, Anas Kazem / Fine Arts - Drawing) Organizational Structure of the Directorate of Physical and Artistic Education:

    1. Department of Physical Education: includes:
      1. Division of sport activities in colleges.
      2. sport supervising Unit.
      3. Unit of arbitration.
      4. the sport hall unit .
      5. Relations and Deputations Unit.
    2. Department of Artistic Education: includes:
      1. Division of artistic activity in the colleges.
      2. Division of galleries and artistic activities.
      3. Unit of cultural activity.
      4. Artistic library unit.
      5. the University Museum unit.
    3. Units and Divisions:
      1. secretaries Unit.
      2. control and audit Unit.
      3. Legal Unit.
      4. personnel Unit.
      5. maintenance and services Unit.
      6. Accounts and the store Unit.
      7. Studies, Planning and follow-up Division,
        • statistics Unit.
        • Database Unit.
      8. follow-up and coordination Unit.
      9. Continuing Education Unit.
      10. Computer and the Internet Unit.
      11. Media Unit.
    4. Administration of Directorate of Physical and artistic Education
      • Assistant Professor Dr Mohammed Jawad Kadhim./ from the college of Physical Education to manage the department of artistic education from1993 till now and the assistant manager of the Directorate from 2008 till now.
      • Dr. Sarmad Saeed shukr Al-Dulaimi, the Head of Physical Education department from 2009

Duties of the Directorate of Physical and Artistic Education:

  The objectives of the Directorate of Physical and Artistic Education are within the general framework of the philosophy of the university, which is confirmed by Mr. Assistant President of Scientific Affairs and is part of the philosophy of the society as a whole, and these objectives can be identified as follows:

    1. Educational and social goals including the development of sport and artistic talent of students and improve their sport, artistic, and cultural level , and give the student the skills and social experience that work to strengthen social ties among students.
    2. Work to make the students benefit in the fields of art and sport in the investment of free time in the things that develop their personality and take advantage of other specializations.
    3. To give the sport , the art and culture an important role in building bridges of communication and acquaintance with other universities within and outside the country for the purpose of exchanging experiences in the field of sport ,artistic and cultural activities to students.
    4. Practice of sport, artistic and cultural activities help to integrate health in terms of growth and development of physical attributes, intellectual and different motor skills as it makes the student with a physical ability and mobility to bear the burdens of the study.
    5. Development of sport and artistic talent of students and improve their sport, artistic, and cultural level.
    6. the preparation of designs for seminars and conferences at Baghdad University and its colleges and institutes, and to participate in the preparation of directories , calendars and some university colleges, as well as participate in the preparations for the celebration of graduation .
    7. It also help in the training of students admitted through the process of training courses, and open training sessions during spring and summer vacations for the sons of professors, staff and their guests as well as students of the university .
    8. In the sport field it contributes to the preparation of sport teams that participated in the development of sport and artistic talent of students


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