Department of Internal Audit


Department of Internal Audit is one of the departments of the presidency of Baghdad University and administratively associated with Mr. President and adopting scientific and objective control and internal auditing procedures to get the ultimate goal which is to maintain public money where the internal audit and activity extends across the level of the University, colleges, institutes and the units that support it.
Sections and units of the Department:
Auditing Section.
Follow-up and report sections.
Auditing sections of colleges, institutes and the supporting units (33) sections.
Auditing units in consultant offices and higher education boxes.
Head of the Department: Head f the department holds a BA. in accounting and his title is an expert.
Duties of the Head of the Department:
Overall supervision of the personnel , divide and distribute works as auditory forms to audit the centre and colleges.
Issuing administrative orders to send audit staff to the colleges and institutes.
Following-up the administrative and audit works and verify their accomplishments.
Preparing of administrative and auditing reports periodically or when they are need and send to Mr. President of the University.
Granting the members of the department ordinary day off inside Iraq.
Rewarding and sending letters of thanks and appreciation to the staff members.
Duties of Department:
Auditing the financial acts practiced by the university and their formation in accordance with the laws and regulations in force any auditing of financial laws and regulations for the control of financial resources and income within computational units of the University and also checking all administrative orders both financially and in terms of its applicability with official laws and regulations adopted and saved in case integrity errors and irregularities.
Generalizing official letters from different authorities like Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to colleges , institutes and centres of the university.
Carrying out all auditing processes of the colleges institutes and centres that belong to the university through specialized committees and during a specific time and making reports for the president of the university to take necessary action.