Division of Scientific Outputs Marketing


Division of Scientific Outputs Marketing has been established within the organizational structure associated with the office of the associate rector of University of Baghdad for scientific affairs under the book issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific research No. 4/1/11327 in 12/5/2013 according to the university order No. 16876 in 21/5/2013.
Objectives of scientific output marketing division:
1. Optimal marketing of scientific output associated with social problems.
2. Contribution in solving the community problems for the sake of the country’s advancement.
3. Disaggregation of scientific outputs according to various specializations to deliver it to the beneficiaries in order to link the scientific research with community problems.
Duties of scientific outputs marketing division:
1. Preparation of the forms related to marketing and evaluation of scientific outputs.
2. Receiving the scientific outputs according to the marketing form, consolidating and classifying them to be marketed to the beneficiaries.
3. Establishing general and specialized exhibitions of these outputs and inviting all beneficiaries to such events.
4. Issue the marketing bulletin and send it via mail to the beneficiaries.
5. Coordination with relevant legal entities within the university center in order to draft contracts for such outputs.
6. Coordination between the contracting parties (producer – beneficiary).
7. Create databases that provide information about the scientific outputs and the beneficiaries.
8. Launch a special website that presents abstracts for each output to be marketed for more number of beneficiaries. For more information in this regard you can visit the link below:
Strategy of scientific outputs marketing:
Scientific outputs marketing division e-mail: [email protected]