Professor from the college of arts participates in Babir International Scientific Conference


Dr. Suhaila Najim Al-Ibrahimi, the Associate Dean for administrative affairs at the college of arts has participated recently in the third Babir international scientific conference under the auspices of Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University with a research paper entitled (The impact of Tigris in the formation of the river turns in Baghdad).

In this study the researcher tried to identify the natural situation of Tigris and the reasons behind its turns by analyzing the natural and human characteristics of the region relying on the ARCGIS database used for preparation of maps and tables.

The study reached at several findings, the most important of which is the variation in climatic conditions, especially wind, heat and humidity that all led to a variation in the amount of rain and its absence during (July, August, September) as well as a variety in the appropriate environment for chemical and physical weathering operations in rocks and the river banks in addition to the role of the banks’ components in the formation of river turns mediated by sculpture and erosion and the human activities’ role in hardening the area adjacent to the river.


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