Professor from the center for urban planning participates in the ministerial housing forum in UAE


Prof. Dr. Jamal Baqer Mutlaq from the center for urban and regional planning for postgraduate studies at the University of Baghdad has participated recently in the 3rd Arab Ministerial Forum for Housing and Urban Development in the United Arab Emirates with a working paper entitled “Prospecting the housing finance system in Iraq”.

In this paper, the researcher examined the role of the Real Estate Bank and the Housing Fund in the housing borrowing market (dedicated for individuals) by identifying the most prominent variables affecting the supply side as an attempt to evaluate past lending policies and recent developments, anticipate the future of these institutions and how to facilitate the work of private banks in the field of real estate finance by benefiting from the experiences of the Arab Gulf countries distinguished in this field.

The most prominent recommendations in this regard are to formulate regulations that would allow the establishment of a housing finance system in Iraq based on the citizens’ savings, reorganize monetary policies in a way that would allow private banks and the private sector to lend housing loans for construction, purchase and restoration, as well as encourage competition between public and private banks.

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