Workshop on chemical security in Iraqi universities at the college of veterinary medicine


The college of veterinary medicine at the University of Baghdad organized a workshop on “Chemical Security in Iraqi Universities” in cooperation with CRDF Global Organization under the auspices of the Chemical Security Program of the U.S. Ministry of Provincial Affairs.

The workshop aimed to identify the chemical threats and risks in dealing with chemicals and how to use them correctly through stressing the need to be cautious in dealing with chemicals and biologics in Iraqi universities. The participants came up with many recommendations, including the need for cooperation between institutions and laboratory officials in providing safety requirements, follow-up of safety and security laws and regulations, prevention of chemical and biological hazards, the adoption of standards for safety plans in laboratories, as well as spreading awareness about the dangers of these substances.

It is noteworthy that such a workshop is the first of its kind at the level of veterinary faculties in Iraq which was attended by specialized researchers and veterinarians from different State ministries.



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