Professor from the urban planning center participates in a conference on marshes at Turkey


Dr. Nada Khalifa Al-Rikabi, a professor from the center for urban and regional planning for postgraduate studies at the University of Baghdad and Prof. Abbas Ouda, an engineer from the ministry of environment have participated recently in the proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Construction Engineering and Environment held in Turkey in the presence of a number of Arab and foreign professors.

Dr. Nada Khalifa presented a joint research paper that addressed the problems of the marshes region in the past and the present that suffered from the random spatial organization of the rural development including the human settlements without any regard to the environmental aspect in its design.

The research tried to address these problems by developing a planning, environmental and future vision that will contribute to resettlement of inhabitants and a sustainable spatial development to be included in the World Heritage List. The researcher followed a systematic descriptive approach and GIS analysis to select the right location for development and environmental planning, as well as using SWOT analysis to study the selected area where a full survey of villages there has been conducted. The research reached at many findings, namely a significant variation and lack of services and infrastructure in the villages of the study area, as well as significant development potential in the region that can be invested significantly.


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