The college of science hosts the Arab chemistry week festival


The department of chemistry at the college of science has launched recently its 3rd annual festival of the Arab chemistry week in the presence of dean of the college Prof. Dr. Raed Kamel Naji, the Captain of Iraqi Chemists, Prof. Dr. Mahdi Al-Sahlaoui with a large academic participation.

The aim of this event sponsored by the University of Baghdad is to remind students and the public of the vitality of chemistry which is not just a rigid science taught in classrooms and laboratories, but it is a fundamental pillar of life. The activities of the chemistry week included lectures presented by professors and students at the department regarding their scientific experiments as well as the opening of the physical chemistry laboratory.

It is noteworthy that the first event of the Arab chemistry week was launched at the meeting of the 34th session of the Supreme Council of the Union of Arab Chemists in 2015 that agreed on establishing this festival annually on the last week of October.



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