Professor from the college of science for women gets the award for best research in Malaysia


Dr. Asmaa Kazim Ayaal, a professor from the department of chemistry at the college of science for women has received recently the award of the best research from MARA University of Technology (UITM) in Malaysia for her research paper entitled (Effect of Photoelectrochemical Electrolyte Additives on the photoconversionEfficiency of Tungsten Trioxide Loaded TitaniaNanotubes Prepared Via Electrodeposition).

The aim of this research is to study the effect of additives (H2SO4 and ethanol) in sodium sulfate as electrochemical photochemical solution on the efficiency of photoconversion of tetanya nanotubes loaded with tungsten oxide as well as an assessment of the performance of the photochemical cell of titania-loaded titrioxide prepared at 1.5 pH in sodium sulfate.


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