Professor from the college of science participates in TEDX Baghdad IX


Dr. Ahmed Hassan from the department of astronomy and space at the college of science participated in the proceedings of the 9th Annual TEDX Baghdad Forum in the presence of a number of ministers, officials, researchers and innovators from all provinces in various disciplines.

This participation which included a lecture delivered by him entitled “Science is a space, be a pioneer” in which he gave hints on the latest developments in astronomy and astronomical observatories between the past and the present, the importance of astronomy which is greater than being just an observatory matter and how astronomical researchers deal with data which provides information about winds, rain and tides. Also he addressed the active efforts exerted by scholars for building cultural and scientific bridges between Iraq and Germany.

It is noteworthy that TEDX program is one of the annual local activities held in Iraq with the aim to highlight Iraqi creativity to connect Iraqis with their counterparts abroad as well as to contribute in the country’s re-establishment as a center for science and knowledge in the Middle East.


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