An expanded meeting of the directors of all scientific departments at the university presidency


Prof. Dr. Hussein Hameed Kareem and Assist. Prof. Dr. Osama Fadel Abdul Latif, the Associates Rector for administrative and scientific affairs both chaired an extensive meeting with the directors of the university departments at the onset of the new academic year.

The meeting discussed several topics, including the national classification of Iraqi universities as well as how to improve job performance to enhance the university status in international rankings where they stressed the need to speed up the completion of the work entrusted to each department through electronic archiving.

At the end of this meeting, the director of the department of quality assurance, Prof. Dr. Yousra Mohammed Abdullah reviewed the form of measuring the institutional performance of government universities in order to discuss its axes extensively, including the scientific, administrative and financial activities of all departments and the infrastructure and service structures of the University of Baghdad.


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