Magnificent graduation ceremony and promising forearms to build home 

Thanks and blessings to our Almighty God, few minutes age a great celebration was held at University of Baghdad for the 59th students graduation session “by our students and holy sacred popular crowd, we protect and build Iraq” at the stadium of the faculty of physical education in Jadiriyah complex. This event was attended by representatives of President, Prime Minister and the minister of higher education and scientific research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Essa as well as a number of ambassadors, mayor of Baghdad, commander of Baghdad operations and some Iraqi parliament and government figures. The ceremony was opened anthem and reciting Qur’anic verses, then watching the march of professors and graduates where His Excellency the minister gave his speech and praised the role of Baghdad University in promoting community, noting the sincere efforts exerted in organizing this celebration and he stated that the ministry seeks to provide all means to upgrade University of Baghdad and all Iraqi universities. President of University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein shed light in his speech on the achievements reached at by our university and its leading role in the construction of human intellect since it is the biggest university in Iraq and the Middle East and the oldest in the Arab world that contributed in supporting great number of scientists, intellectuals, political leaders and international personalities such as presidents, ministers, heads of universities who graduated from it such as the former Indonesian president Abdul Rahman Waheed, Iraqi  former president Jalal Talabani, former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki as well as many giants in literature, art, culture and politics. The graduation ceremony included several events such as honoring top students at the level of the colleges and the university. The rector, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein months ago directed to form a preparatory committee to prepare all necessary means in order to succeed this academic celebration so as to provide the best picture of our sober university and the university website team accompanied these advance preparations and procedures. The graduate students, their accompanying families and others expressed their pleasure in this event that symbolized their delightful achievement.

Magnificent graduation ceremony and promising forearms to build home

Semiotics and volunteerism abounding in the faculty of mass media

A busy and a lively year full of academic and scientific activities whose features were vivid at the faculty of mass media – University of Baghdad devoted to the scientific approach of the educational and pedagogical process in order to exchange many new scientific ideas that would transform the reality of higher education during this year and in line with the instructions of the university’s presidency and the ministry of higher education and scientific research. The faculty of mass media witnessed a voluntary work which included cleaning and maintenance of television studio made by the students of the department of journalism accompanied by the dean of the college, Dr. Hashim Hassan who stated that this event came as a result of the instructions of the ministry in this regard. In conjunction with this voluntary campaign, the 2nd national forum of semiotics in collaboration with the lingual Iraqis Association was held under the slogan (the semiotic curriculum and prospects for application) within the overall strategy of the college to expand the study of this important science in contemporary research that is marked with modernity and keep up with the tremendous evolution in technology, logic and linguistics. Many literary and cultural personalities participated in this forum such as Prof. Dr. Akil Mahdi, Prof. Dr. Majid al-Mashth and Assistant Prof. Rajaa al-Bhaishin. This forum was launched with a speech delivered by the chairman Prof. Dr. Hashim Hasan al-Tamimi explained that the college is eager to hold such a cultural forum to shed light on semiotics as an old and a modern science at the same time according to Faisal al-Ahmar in his lexicon of semiotic where it is old science in its experiments and modern in its proposals and diversity where the Arabs and Iranians cared for over two thousand years. Semiotics is a tool, a methodology and a philosophy and any attempt to segment it is distorting. The forum included several axes such as image, news, text, and press (approaching semiotics), formats of linguistic markup, semiology of literature and language, semiology of color in the Iraqi press and the semiology of text in Iraq. The college of mass media has sponsored many voluntary campaigns like blood donation, cleaning up parks and colleges and develop utilities, etc. Also it witnessed a lot of scientific seminars, conferences and symposiums. University website team and University channel office accompanied the proceedings of this event and documented it with a number of photos and video scenes.

Semiotics and volunteerism abounding in the faculty of mass media

University Activities

Joint research and scientific cooperation between Center for Women’s Studies at University of Baghdad and Fatimid Center, Najaf

Lecture on water pollution at the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham)

Educational and psychological research center organizes a symposium on the performance of the leading personality

Faculty of medicine holds its annual scientific conference

Center for revival of Arab and scientific heritage holds a seminar on the phenomenon of terrorism

University of Sheffield supports the faculty of medicine scientifically and practically

Ceremony for signing of the book of Iraqi architecture encyclopedia at the college of engineering

Faculty of engineering honors a number of its professors

Faculty of agriculture launches a campaign for voluntary work

Professors and students of the faculty of medicine visit the inured fighters of our security forces and popular crowd

A lecture on the violence against women and its health effects by the college of nursing

Faculty of science hosts the ceremony of UNICEF on the occasion of its foundation

Women’s Studies Center at the University of Baghdad recalls world day against violence against women

Researchers from the faculty of engineering get a patent

The American Ambassador visits the general secretariat of the central library

Instructor from the college of mass media gives a lecture on the image of the great prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the American media

Market research center participates in a workshop to combat counterfeiting and forgery

Football team of University of Baghdad gains the Iraqi universities championship

Faculty of medicine embraces a charity market in support of the popular crowd martyrs

Development and continuing education center holds a course through video lectures