1Foreign Languages & Translation Advisory OfficeCollege of Languages
2Engineering Consulting OfficeCollege of Engineering
3Scientific Consulting OfficeCollege of Science
4Engineering Consulting OfficeAl-Khwarzmi College of Engineering
5Veterinary Advisory OfficeCollege of Veterinary Medicine
6Planning Advisory OfficeCenter for Urban and Regional Planning
7Information Systems and Computer Advisory OfficeComputer Center
8Advisory OfficeCollege of Agricultural Engineering Sciences
9Advisory OfficeCollege of Arts
10Advisory OfficeAl-Kindy College of Medicine
11Advisory OfficeCollege of Education for Humanities (Ibn Rushd)
12Advisory OfficeCollege of Education for Pure & Applied Sciences (Ibn al-Haitham)
13Advisory OfficeCollege of Fine Arts
14Advisory OfficeCollege of Management and Economics
15Advisory OfficeLaser Institute for Postgraduate Studies
16Advisory OfficeHigher Institute of Accounting and Financial Studies