Our university and the Coronavirus pandemic


Activities and Procedures

Our university and the Corona pandemic


Activities and Procedures


Vaccination campaign against COVID

The Health Center at the University of Baghdad announces the launch of a vaccination campaign against the Corona virus, starting on August 3 at nine in the morning. Those wishing to do so must register their names (professors, employees, and students). Thus, the Presidency of the University of Baghdad calls on all its formations to submit the names of those wishing from its members to the health center. For vaccination against Corona in the Jadriya complex inside Ali Al-Wardi Hall next to the clinic in the dispensary before the vaccination day

The center also announces the availability of the fourth dose of the Corona vaccine (Sinopharm) for those wishing to register throughout the week, provided that the vaccine is on Wednesday of every week, noting that the target group for the vaccine is those aged 18 and above, except for pregnant women, in addition to the availability of the first doses. The second and third are for those who did not receive the vaccine.



The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has directed not to allow students, staff, and teaching staff in all public and private institutes, colleges, and universities to be absent from work if they do not bring a vaccination card or a negative PCR test weekly for those not covered by the vaccine or those infected within three months, supported by medical reports from the relevant committees, starting from 1/ 9/2021