The calligrapher Dr. Abdul Rida Bahia represents Iraq officially in IRCICA

Baghdad University’s professors have formed the focus of pride and vigor of our university for the achievements they made ​​at international and global forums through their great and influential participation in international community to launch towards globalization. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rida Bahia Dawood, an instructor at the department of Arabic calligraphy and decoration at the college of fine arts, University of Baghdad has represented Iraq as a member of the international jury of the 10th Arabic calligraphy competition organized by the research center for Islamic history, art and culture, known simply as (IRCICA) affiliated to the Islamic cooperation organization based in Istanbul, Turkey. The jury was composed of (11) members representing various Arab and Islamic countries and it started its proceedings on Monday morning, 29th of Rajab 1437 – 9/5/2016 at headquarters of the center and it completed its work on 8th of Sha’ban 1437 – 14/5/2016. Arbitration procedures included examination of artworks received by the secretariat of the competition that reached (973) paintings made by (687) participants representing (36) countries from different parts of the world. The competitors took part in (11) type of calligraphy such as: clear one third, one third, transcription, lucid or clear commentary, commentary, lucid divani, divani, kufi, vamp and Moroccan font. The jury evaluated these paintings and chose the paintings worthy of prizes. There was (38) awards, (33) rewards and (51) symbolic prizes, a total of (122) awards and bonus worth (199,250) USD, won by (114) competitors from (18) countries worldwide, including (13) competitors from Iraq. It is worth mentioned that this competition of Arabic calligraphy has launched its first session since 1986 and continued forward every three years aimed at preserving and reviving the values and methods of Arabic calligraphy as well as to encouraging the contemporary and future calligraphers to enhance their skills in this field established at the hands of the most famous figures specialized in this art over 1400 years, away from foreign influences that are incompatible with the sound values and concepts of Islamic art. Prof. Dr. Abdul Rida Bahia Dawood Roudhan was chosen by the research center as a member of a jury representing Iraq since 2009 in the eighth session, then in the ninth session in 2013 down to tenth and last session in 2016. The nomination speech directed to Dr. Abdul Rida by Prof. Dr. Khalid Aren, chairman of the organization of the competition on 22/1/2009 provided the following: (considering your experience and your outstanding efforts in the field of calligraphy since we knew your prestige and integrity in dealing with art circles in your country and in the Islamic world at various levels, so i hope that this nomination would receive your generous consent i am sure that joining this distinguished body will support its work and strengthen its important role in performing its mission to raise the level of this immortal art among its experts and fans around the world).

The calligrapher Dr. Abdul Rida Bahia represents Iraq officially in IRCICA

Our university is the first in QS World University Rankings 2016

Our University’s scientific sobriety and insistence on being at the forefront of Iraqi universities always led to a new great achievement where University of Baghdad excelled again for the third year running on other Iraqi universities as well as on several discreet Arabic and international universities in QS World University Rankings 2016. This recent victory came after its eagerness and persistent follow up for the educational process along with students and professors in addition to the scientific researches undertaken in and global papers issued by journals with Impact Factor also it gained the fifteenth place among the best 15 Arab universities while the universities of Babylon, Nahrain and Mustansiriyah were among the best 50 Arab universities in QS. President of University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein made a field tour to inspect the final exams at the faculties as well as the sobriety exams occurring in nontraditional atmosphere, especially in holy Ramadan days. The university president instructed the examinations committees to follow up and apply sober professional and academic instructions adopted in the best global universities, he also stated that these victories came in conjunction with the victories of our valiant army and the popular crowd for liberating Fallujah from the clutches of the criminals, murderers and terrorists which confirms to the world that Iraq is progressing forward and never stops if God willing. For more details, you can visit the following link:

Our university is the first in QS World University Rankings 2016

University Activities:

Center for strategic and international studies organizes a workshop on Impact Factor

Women’s Studies Center at University of Baghdad participates in development of leadership skills at Holy Karbala

Baghdad University celebrates one of her students qualify to the Olympics Brazil

University of Baghdad sends an aid convoy to the heroes of popular crowd and security forces at Garma

Federal Supreme Court selects experts from University of Baghdad

President of Baghdad University inspects the final exams

Faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham) holds a symposium on the protection of Tigris and Euphrates

Journal of institute of urban planning gets Impact Factor

Institute of laser witnesses the discussion of MA thesis on the modification of the properties of electric and thermal surface

Towards having Iraq as a green oasis, faculty of agriculture looks for combating desertification

Scientific symposium at the faculty of science on biofuel

A rare astronomical phenomenon captured by the department of astronomy

Center for women’s studies at University of Baghdad discusses the concept of leadership and its standards for women and men

Center for revival of Arabic heritage witnesses a discussion on the centenary of Sykes-Picot agreement

Natural history museum holds a conference on the annexation of marshes to world Heritage List