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October, 2014

University of Baghdad provides psychological and educational services via the Internet

University of Baghdad provides psychological and educational services via the Internet

  The subject of psychological health is one of the vital topics in psychology which received much attention in the specialized researches as it is a source of concern to all individuals of different positions. Man in his life seeks to achieve the highest degree of psychological health and peace of mind, adaptation and to achieve this goal is not easy nor always attainable , thus the psychological health is relative and every member of the society faces a number of problems or stress or trauma or precursors during his life. Some of them deal with them and solve them achieving adaptation, others can not so they fall in the sea of ​​psychological disorders.

  The presenting of psychological and educational services through the Internet is considered a modern style began to develop rapidly in the world as a result of the development of electronic means of communication and provide the characteristics of this type of communication favored by a lot of people.

  Proceeding from the need of the society, the educational and psychological research center take the initiative to provide service and psychological counseling via the Internet under the supervision of specialized professors in clinical psychology and counseling and experienced in psychotherapy and counseling in the fields : academic problems, mental disorders (trauma, depression, fear, tension and anxiety, physical complains of psychological origin, etc.), family problems, dealing with the teenager, and other life problems. According to the following regulations :

  1. Those interested in this program of students and members of the university the right to select the therapist professor who assist him in his problem.
  2. The information presented by the students to be confidentially and limited only to the student and the therapist .
  3. The boy or girl student chooses the style of his help through the internet or direct meeting.
  4. The presentation of these services are free for the time being.

Request of psychological counseling:

  Psychological Counseling requist begins by sending an email to the therapist professor or following up the educational and psychological research center directly. Assistant Professor Dr. Natiq Fahal Jazzaa , [email protected] , assistant professor Dr. Iman Mohammed Al-Tai , [email protected] and instructor, Dr. Ali Nasser Farhan [email protected]

  Psychological counseling office in Psychological Research Center at Baghdad University, seeks to link the center with the society and to promote and expand scientific cooperation and taking the experiences in the office with relevant bodies locally, regionally and globally as well as to benefit from the results of researches and studies that are drawn up in Iraq and abroad. Noting that the Office has special places for the reception of and to conduct tests and receive treatments. The psychological counseling office depends on the self-financing through the services it provided (such as the various psychological services, and various social services (matrimonial, family, school ….. etc.), various health services (preventive, psychological health, psychiatry and mental … etc.), various educational services (counseling , guidance , etc …), a private vocational guidance and selection and classification of individuals, research and studying and therapeutic services (diagnostic services, referral and follow-up and treatment services ), the external environment services (different institutions, different organizations …. etc), as well as other services: such as: designing , programming, maintenance and administrating of the various websites, and training courses in computer science and information technology, and the development of computational capacity, various statistical processors, and striving to spread the culture of psychology computer.

  The Office follows three main fields of work, namely: developmental, preventive, therapeutic and by providing several services including normal psychological development especially in childhood and adolescence stages to overcome the normal growth problems, such as emotional and social problems, as well as non-ordinary, social, family and educational problems concentrating on solving psychological problems to prevent them from getting worse and prevent the problems that the individual might be exposed to .


Ukrainian ambassador thanks the president of the university

Ukrainian ambassador thanks the president of the university

  Many of the major embassies, especially the European, Asian, American, Canadian and Australian have expressed their desire to communicate with our university and the establishment of a number of cultural and intellectual activities, and to twin with the university, among these embassies is the Embassy of Ukraine, which expressed its willingness to cooperate and communicate with our university, where the embassy has hold its cultural activity and has delivered a scientific and cultural lecture in the strategic and international studies which is deliverd by the Ukrainian ambassador in Iraq, Anatoly Marentis at which he discussed the relations between Ukraine and Iraq and its future prospects. A gathering of researchers and those interested in political affairs within the Institute have attended the lecture. Dr. Alaa’ Abdul Hussain has instructed to provide an appropriate scientific atmosphere for the establishment of this scientific lecture of the ambassador of Ukraine.

  Ambassador of Ukraine has expressed his happiness in communication with the university of Baghdad and how presidency of Baghdad university has shown its cooperation and communication with the embassy, which led the Ukrainian ambassador to direct a letter of thanks a to the president of the university of Baghdad for his role and his efforts to encourage scientists of Baghdad university to develop cultural relations and strengthen scientific ties. The ambassador has pointed out in his lecture the scientific importance of the role of scientific and cultural development of the embassy of Ukraine, which has been the focus of his scientific lecture at the center for strategic and international studies. The ambassador of Ukraine has met the scientific assistant of the university, assistant professor Dr. Osama Fadhil Abdul Latif and director of the center for strategic studies, assistant professor Ali Driwel and some professors. It has been agreed to activate the scientific and cultural cooperation between the Ukrainian and Iraqi universities and the training of Iraqi professors in Ukraine. Mr. scientific assistant has presented a brief overview of the history of the university of Baghdad and colleges and the number of students in the two studies of undergraduate and graduate and the size of the faculty members and administrative staff.

University activities: