Center of Researches and the Museum of Natural History is a Scientific and Entertaining Monument

  Center of Researches and the Museum of Natural History is considered an important monument of the university of Baghdad and Iraq in general because it has the exhibit hall which is regarded the largest and oldest at the level of Iraq The museum, which was founded on 2nd Mars in 1946 in the region of Alauadih Waziriya in a small house which is developed of the past decades to reache today of a distinctive building in terms of engineering and aesthetic of its exhibit hall, which owns a group of samples some of them go back to a century in addition to anecdotes that the museum owned through gifts and relationships.The field trips that are carried out by a staff of Scientific Museum to various parts of Iraq are also considered a main support of exhibit hall through the collection of samples and . Every day dozens of college students of different levels visit the museum in addition to postgraduate students from Iraqi universities who wish to diagnose their samples.The museum is an Iraqi main reference in the diagnosis of animal ,plant and geological samples.Besides it receives researchers from various Iraqi ministries to diagnose samples or to engage the museum in higher national committees that are within the workfield of the museum. It also receives youth forums within the Ministry of Youth and Sport as visitors of these forums from all Iraqi governorates in addition to receive students of the Ministry of Education on their different stages from kindergarten to elementary students , intermediate and secondary as school journeys carried out by school administrations within a scientific and entertaining tour to watch these samples that are closer to realityit in the environments that Museum technicians shaped within the images that embody nature .Thus the scientific and aesthetic message had reached the visitor and that is what the museum aims to .Guests from foreign countries, whether researchers or foreign cultural attaché operating in Iraq and museum works to provide all the facilities that make visiting the museum is not included in the visit of luxury or pleasure only, but must have scientific content which is the end and the delivery of scientific information within easy mechanism through scientists and guiders who escort visitors and delegations They give the visitor scientific information that will make the visitor come out with a set of scientific findings that support his scientific potential and here the museum presented his scientific message with the important role as a monument of Baghdad University. The museum is fully prepared to receive visitors in its location in the compound of the colleges in Bab AL-Mu’dham .Some of the photos that have been documented by the website team of the University can be found below: