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October, 2012

For the first time University president with the students via Facebook

  It seems that the nature of the relationship set by Baghdad University with the society are evolving and progressing significantly and clearly with what the university is doing of accepting and accommodating and keeping up to the expectations of what the society wants. The university has taken steps to give more interest to its students, through these communication gates and to develop its relations to achieve the greatest quantity of scientific or intellectual achievements . Among the beautiful images taken by the university was the Conversation with students and inquirers via the social networking site “Facebook”, to set a precedent of its kind in the history of higher education in Iraq or in the Middle East that the university president personally makes an interview with his students and interlocutors of citizens.He answers in front of the computer screens all inquiries and questions for a complete hour, when the Islamic Assembly of Iraq Students make a request to the President of Baghdad University professor Dr. Musa al-Musawi to establish a conversation via online portals, at the Facebook.The president replied all interlocutors, through Baghdad University website and the Internet, where Prof. Dr. Musa al-Musawi attended the communication room at the University of Baghdad website in Al-Jadrriya and met and welcomed the representatives of the Islamic Assembly of Iraq Students with the presence of assistant instructor engineer Abdul Kareem Mounir Director of President Office of the University , assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Bassit Salman editor of the website, assistant instructor Basim Hameed Director of the Website and Mr. Hassan Mandeel the Arabic language supervisor.

  Islamic Assembly announced earlier of hosting Dr. Musa al-Musawi to ask any inquiries or questions, and when the assembly displayed the declaration on Facebook a huge number of welcome and inquiries and questions were received .The university president wrote down all inquiries and replied directly and in front of representatives from the student assembly and because of Presidnet’s lack of time and many obligations between the scientific and administrative aspects he devoted only one hour which was serious and fruitful in every sense, not to mention what preparations were preceded to meet the needs and requirements of the students within the powers ,the laws and regulations adopted by the university, which led to the answers of the president of many and varied inqueries and the same time accurate and comprehensive for the most of the answers, so as not to be repeated. After he had finished the converstions via the facebook,the president orderd to display the questions and all the talks for the benefit of as many as possible who are interested this aspect, whether students or members of the university, which is what websiteteam has done to view all the converstions and the comments received from this electronic meeting. Many comments and conversations that are made by the university president have been recorded with the “share” and many “likes” have been also recorded .These signs can be viewed through the link of the Islamic Students Assembly below:

Tour at the Natural History Museum

  Because the university is interested in the society and all its needs, it will not compromise to fulfill the prospects of society through the pursuit of its requirements and its cultural or intellectual and humanitarian needs and because the university is eager to present all it posses to promote thought , culture and creativity, from here we find that the University of Baghdad has many academic and diverse cultural institutions to supply the society with science and culture through its several scientific gates, the most important of those cultural and humanitarian gates that Baghdad University cherished is the Natural History Museum.

  This museum, which is one of the oldest and most important museums in the Middle East has very rare holdings and includes the rare and unique display of a composition of human and his upbringing, as well as an exhibition of the most important stuffed animals. It is one of the most important Arab museums that deepen human thinking and trendy thought, that holds advantages in the characterization of many humanitarian cases and situations and their relationship with nature, which a lot of developed countries follow and seek to provide a great deal of museums and galleries that explain phenomena and humanitarian cases in order to encourage the discovery and development. Perhaps the university is very proud to have such an important museum since 1946, i.e. more than sixty-five years, at a time that many countries do not have universities, institutes or colleges, where the museum opened in 2nd of May 1946, which includes several sections, like the laboratory, the Department of mummification, painting and sculpture, the library and others.

  In order to shed light on this scientific and cultural place the website team visited the Natural History Museum, according to the guidance of Dr. Musa al-Musawi university president, to follow-up Museum workflow. The keenness of the University to pursue ways and possibilities that could develop the museum, it was and still support the center and the museum and provide it with more potential to be at the forefront of international museums. The website team has had a look at the reality of the activity and work in the museum, and met with a group of officials and those who support it. The team has documented the visit with a set of important photographs of the museum, which is the focus of the pride of the Arab Universities

Baghdad University Joins the French University Agency (la Francophonie) (OIF)

  Baghdad University achieves today another scientific achievement by joining the University Agency (la Francophonie) as associate member where such joining will secure the possibility of participation of students, professors and researchers of our university in various invitations of University Agency of the Francophonie .This agency includes a lot of well-known universities as many states and universities seek to join this agency and this joining will put the University of Baghdad on the threshold of modernity and excellence through the implementation of quality standards in all respects, and to draw a road map to achieve a better future where the university will have the role of leadership in the fields of higher education and scientific research, and Iraqi community service. It also contributes to improv the interior efficiency of the University, and to strengthen the partnership between the University of Baghdad and various universities in the world where this move is a result of scientific inputs and outputs that are good of a series of achievements and ongoing scientific creations of the University to contribute to the development of scientific and practical reality.

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