Baghdad Rare Photographs

Chalghi Baghdadi band in 1932 The Iraqi Maqam the posterior line from right to left1-Ismail Iyada Al-Qaisy 2- Rashid ElQundarchi 3- Shaikh Jalal AlHanafi the anterior line from right to left-4-Salih Thmail 5 Yousif Batto 6- Khadhour.

Bab Al Qadeem or Al-Wastania BabThe old or middle Gate of Baghdad Sheikh Omer 1912.

Iraqi Parliament in 1940s.

Poet Ma’aroof Al-Rasafi in Al-Tifayidh School – 1928.

The GariOld Bus.

Bab Al-SeefAl-Karkh 1917.

Christian Celebration Procession 1920  Baghdad.

Tekhet Rewanold mode of transportation.

Burying of the Poet Jameel Sidqi Al-Zahawi. Al-Shabeebi & Al-Rasafi seen in the back seat – 1936.

Al-Shuheda’a Bridge under construction – 1939.

Al-Gat’a BridgeAl Shuheda The Martyrs Now Al-Asafia Mosque is seen 1930.

A fancy dress party where Iraqi Prime Miniter Noori Saeed, his wife Naima standing to the left of Photo. Their son Sabah and Ghazi Al Daghistani in Daghistani costume seated.

Bab Al-Mu’adhem sq-1918.

Zawraa Cinema El Rashid Street Baghdad 1944Snapshot of the famous Zawraa Cinema  Showing films for British citizens It was one of Iraq’s earliest movie houses Among the films being shown is British Intelligence with Boris KarloffPho.

Baghdad Cinema and Palm trees Outdoors Photo of an open airor an outdoor movie theater in Baghdad ca 1920’s Outdoor theaters were very popular in the Middle East prior to the introduction of air conditioning The humid Summer.

Al-Rasheed street, Beit Lynch – 1920 – A British navigation company.

Al-Rasheed street, Beit Lynch – 1920 – A British navigation company.

Al Rasheed Street Khalil Pasha Caddesi 1913.

Tob An Old Canon Abu Khizzamah in Midan Sq. – 1918.

A Carriage Near the White Palace Baghdad in 1930.

Fashion Show in1956 Baghdad.

gd Al-Sekher, Al-Ma’moon street now – 1924.

Tigris Palace Hotel Al-Rasheed Street 1950.

Shaikh Omer tomb and cemetery.

Reading Nadhum Pasha Faraman – The Ottoman Ruler of Baghdad – 1910.

The old Turkish Quallaa Citadel Date CreatedPublished1932 Library of Congress Prints Photographs Division Matso Eric and Edith Photograph Collection.

St Teresa Church for Latin Roman Catholic – built by the French Architect Patrick Burt in 1928 in Al-Senak  Baghdad.

Old US Embassy in 1950 Al-Fateh Square Baghdad.

Metro goldwyn mayer office in Baghdad’s rashid street in 1940.

Khalifa boat in Baghdad 1918.

Metro goldwyn mayer office in Baghdad’s rashid street in 1940.

Baghdad Sera view in 1918.

Nairn Transportation from Baghdad to Damascus in 1950.