University of Baghdad’ congratulation on Army Day

University of Baghdad congratulates the Iraqi brave army commemorating its 96th foundation anniversary. Presidency of University of Baghdad represented by its president Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul and its professors, staff and students express their warmest congratulations and blessings to the heroes of our valiant army, leaders and officers, on the ninety sixth anniversary of their day. We pray to Almighty God to bestow safety to our country, protect our heroes in the armed forces who protect Iraq and achieve the finest victories in the battlefields against the factions of terrorism. Pride may be bestowed to the souls of our martyrs, heal to the wounded and victory to our valiant army.


Professor Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul

President of University of Baghdad

University of Baghdad signs two memoranda of understanding with Amirkabir University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul, president of University of Baghdad and Dr. Ahmed Motamedi, president of AmirKabir University of Technology, Iran signed two memoranda of understanding. The first memorandum provides for allowing postgraduate students and researchers at University of Baghdad to conduct their researches at Amirkabir University of Technology, while the second memorandum provides for applying the visiting professor system between these two universities as well as exchange of students and joint research and projects. This initiative came after the openness of University of Baghdad to other global and international universities in order to increase research sobriety of the professors of Baghdad University, keep abreast with the latest technologies used by the researchers in addition to benefit from foreign expertise, laboratories and equipment that are not available at our university and to keep pace with the global scientific development currently.

A delegation from the ministry of interior hosted by University of Baghdad 

President of University of Baghdad, Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hussein Abdul Rasul discussed with a delegation from the ministry of interior headed by the dean of the police college Major-General Sabah Mohammed and dean of the higher institute for security and administrative development Dr. Yasser Abdul Jabbar the mechanism of cooperation between the ministry and University of Baghdad. The director of media department at the university, Assistant Prof. Dr. Adel Abdul Razak stated that this joint meeting discussed activating the role of the university in community service in all academic and service institutions in Iraq through cooperation between the two sides in holding workshops and seminars, as well as hosting a number of university professors of Police Academy and the higher institute to benefit from their scientific expertise and to educate and train students in all fields, especially in postgraduate studies.

University Activities

Faculty of arts organizes a lecture on avoiding risks and fighting rumors

Oral and maxillofacial surgery in 3D technology for the first time in Iraq

Faculty of education (Ibn al-Haitham) holds a lecture on environment and remote sensing

Workshop on the use of modern techniques of teaching at the faculty of law

College of dentistry participates in a global conference at the medical city hospital

Director of department of quality assurance participates in a workshop at the faculty of administration and economics

College of fine arts witnesses a concert held by the musical workshop

Al-Khwarizmi college of engineering exchanges experiences with its counterpart at University of Karbala

University of Baghdad enters a new global rating on preserving the environment

An instructor from the college of engineering was chosen as a scientific appraiser

Flamingo bird in a symposium at the natural history museum

An instructor at the college of languages participates in an international conference in Spain

Faculty of engineering celebrates one of its professors

A seminar at the college of dentistry on computer analysis and use of third generation system

A course on Google Scholar at the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haitham)

Seminar on the advantages and disadvantages of privatization at the faculty of law

Lecture on cyanide compounds at the faculty of education (Ibn al-Haytham)