University of Baghdad Patents 2013

No.CollegeTitleNo. of PatentDateResearcher
1Al-Khwarizmi College of EngineeringVortex - induced cleaning of surfaces2013Assist Prof. Bahaa Ibraheem Kadhim
2AgricultureThe use of new mixtures of stains for determine the abnormalities of avian spermatozoa35632013Prof.Dr.Hazim Jabar Shah Ali Al-Daraji/Dr. Abduljabar Abulkareem Abduljabar /Al-Anbar University/Dr.Waleed Khalid Abdullatif Al-Hyani/Dr.Hisham Ahmed Salih AL-Mishhdani
3AgricultureThe first trial for semen collection, artificial insemination and semen evaluation of pigeon in Iraq35642013Prof.Dr.Hazim Jabar Shah Ali Al-Daraji/Dr.Hisham Ahmed Salih AL-Mishhdani/Dr.Waleed Khalid Abdullatif Al-Hyani/Mr.Asaad Khalaf Mohammad/Mr.Ali Sabah Ali Al-Hassani
4ScienceLINEAR ARRAY AYAH 5SX1 -T-1D-CFI ANALYSER AYAH 5SX1-T-1D36152013Prof.Dr.Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir/Prof.Dr.Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi
5ScienceISNAYAH – ST -CFI – Microphotometer S(3SBGRX4-3(1D-Solar))-T(4SWX4-2(1D-Solar))36132013Prof.Dr.Isam Mohammad Ali/Prof.Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi
6EngineeringRecycling reverted water from the fluid of damaged cut to produce a fluid of new cut by using Iraqi Pantonite35822013Prof.Dr.Abbas Hameed Slaimoon/Dr.Dhiya'aldin Mohammad Qasim /Minstry of Science and Technology/Eng.Laith Hamza Th'uban
7AgricultureLocally Prepared Water soluble Probiotic and study its effect in decreasing diarrhea in small calf’s and improving the Productlre Performance in Laying hens35762013Saa'd Abdulhussein Naji/Agriculture college /Baghdad university/Bushra Saa'diRasool/Agriculture college /Baghdad university/Ammar Dhiyab Talib/Agriculture college /Diyala university/Sawasn Sabir Khalifa/ Agriculture college/ Anbar University/Shlaimoon Hana Jijo/Genaral Board of Agricultural Research/Ministry of Agriculture/Saa'di Sha'lan/ Agriculture college/ Anbar University/Hasan Saa'd Abdulhuseein Al-Tamimi / Agriculture college /Baghdad university
8AgricultureProducing prebiotic and synbiotic locally and comparing their influence on the performance of productive and reproductive of egged- hens to lessen the negative impacts of fungus poisons and improving the characteristics of sperm for white male leghorn36042013Saad A.H.Naje/B.S.R. Zankana/Rakib. A. Al.Anni/S. Al. Warshan/H.S.A-Tememi
9Ibn Al-Haitham College of Education for Pure ScienceLiquid level measurement device using non-linear sensors (IR) and a micro controller37022013Hana Shukir Mahmoud/Prof. Dr. Alia Abdul Muhsin Shihab
10ScienceChemo – radiated cell of immediately stimulating fluoridation of water crystal by a solar sensors35652013Prof. Dr. Isam Mohammad Ali Shakir Al-Hashmi/Prof Dr.Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi/Science college Mr. Hasan Nori Muhsan Al-Lami/Science college /Postgraduate student
11Institute of Genetic EngineeringEducing the class of semi short soft wheat (Uruk) by inventinggenetic mutation in a class of wheat Ainya 6636762013Assist.Prof. Iyad Jabir Isaa
12Ibn Al-Haitham College of Education for Pure ScienceDemodulation cleaning materials for metal surfaces from remnants of pomegranate peel36072013Dr. Qais Muthana Amori
Buthaina Khalil Ibrahim
Prof. Dr. Jwad Kazim Hamad
Prof. Dr. Zakaria Hadi Ayoub
Ala Saleh Jabr
Thikra Shihab Ahmed