The current invention aims at using a design of integrated system which is based on irradiating the movable sample with stable waving length with a height of 50nm with irradiation track of 2mm to decrease the section distertion. The light which is used to irradiation is di-coupling light emitter amounts to 500nm .These coupling emitters are of diameter 5mm which are called   “super white”. The feeler system is a solar cell with a height 55mm,and width 14mm.The irradiation system uses five of emitter coupling which are made of Brass-when LEDi s put within the opening Brass(2mm) –LUX190 with one cm and it is approximately may measure the illumination intensity.The range of irradiation is 2nm on the glassy cylinder of internal diameter of 2mm and external diameter of 4mm immersed in copper groove as in figure  no-(1) the whole system is protected from the external light by virtue of the black leather and silicone glues and there is no room to receive any light for linear array except from opening of 2mm.The code (SX15) which is used in codificating the ice means  five sources arranged in a linear form and letter T means turbidity and (D) means detector. The turbidity causes sediments and dregs to water softness, these impurities including Clay silt, alluvial, organic and non organic materials   as well as Humic Acids resulting from  decay oftraces leaves. The system has been yielded many tests since it is characterized by its ability to study the sample section during its movement from the irradiation spot and its detection of many categories of crystals and many chemical reactions of descriptive comparison between absorption of colored liquid and measurement of turbidity of a material that gives alluvial sediment of crystallized sediment.

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