The first trial for semen collection, artificial insemination and semen evaluation of pigeon in Iraq

The first trial for semen collection, artificial insemination and semen evaluation of pigeon in Iraq

Prof.Dr.Hazim Jabar Shah Ali Al-Daraji

Dr.Hisham Ahmed Salih AL-Mishhdani

Dr.Waleed Khalid Abdullatif Al-Hyani

Mr.Asaad Khalaf Mohammad

Mr.Ali Sabah Ali Al-Hassani

This study has been conducted with  the aim of finding suitable ways to collect semen out of male pigeon and artificial insemination out of female pigeon as well as evaluating the type and quality of semen of  male pigeon for the first time in Iraq especially if we take into our consideration the fact that the artificial insemination is still new under discussion on international level .In  this study 14 pairs of pigeons are used ,their ages are about one year ,they are reared in one place for two weeks and then male pigeons have been separated from female pigeons in special places for two weeks and after that the process of collecting semen out of  male pigeons has been conducted. The process of collecting semen out of   male pigeons is summarized by bringing the intimate male with female and putting them in special place side by side .As soon as the male gets close to the female ,it has been captured and motivated to ejaculate its semen by massaging its back and scanning its semen by a special device and then the semen has been collected and then evaluated to measure its size to determine the abnormalities ,chromosomes, individual and collective movement of semen, the rates of distorted semen and the quality of semen. As to the female pigeon ,it has been placed in special spot together with the male pigeon ,and the artificial insemination has been carried out by massaging the  venereal opening to make it very protruding and the injection has been inserted with semen with the depth of two centimeters inside the female  venereal opening .The invented methods that is used to collect the semen and artificial insemination is very active and efficient which enables us to get high quality of semen ,fertility features and good incubation .Accordingly the process of artificial insemination can be used in pigeons because it has many advantages. 

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