Locally Prepared Water soluble Probiotic and study its effect in decreasing diarrhea in small calf’s and improving the Productlre Performance in Laying hens

Locally Prepared Water soluble Probiotic  and study its effect in decreasing diarrhea in small calf’s and improving the Product Performance in Laying hens

SaadA.H.Naje ,B.S.Zangana, A.T.Talib , S.S.Khalifa , S.H.Jajo , S.Shalan  , H.S.A. AL- Tememi .


Iraqi Probiotic, Synbiotic and Prebiotics were  Locally Manufactured in Iraq since ten years ago. In the Present study a new Products were Prepared and named Iraqi Soluble Probiotic ) ISP ( This Product were water soluble and can easily desolved in water to open a new field of Probiotic application in Iraq. ISP contain fourebenefit  microbes; Lactobacillusacidophilus, Bacillussubtilus, Saccharomycescervisia  and Bifidobacter. The new Product Were used in two field experiments .In the first experiment ISP were compared with a forign Probiotic Product )Biomin IMBO ( to decrease the diarrhea and early mortality in new born holishtin calf’s . The data for this experiment were showed that the two Probiotic  Products were significantly (P≤0.05) decreased the mortality and onest of diarrhea symptoms on newborn calf’s when Compared  with the Control group. The Period between birth and the diarrhea starting time were7.4, 7.7 and 10.3 days for Control, forign Probiotic, and Iraqi  souble probiotic ) IPS ( respectively . The used of ISP with soaking calf milk were significantly)P≤0.05)decreased the total count of aerobic Fecal bacteria and Coliform  in calf’s weast. The second field experiments were conducted to evaluate The effect of used IPS with drinking water or Iraqi synbiotic product in the diet on productive performance of Laying Hens. A total of 420 classic Brown Lohman Laying hens, 22 wks old, were randomlyallocated in to the following treatment groups:
T1= Control.
T2= 0.25 g. ISP per Liter of drinking Water.
T3= 0.50g. ISP / Liter of drinking Water.
T4= 0.75g. ISP / Liter of drinking   Water.
T5= 3.0kg of Iraqi Synbiotic per ton of Laying diet.
T6= 4.0kg of Iraqi synbiotic per ton of Laying diet .
T7= 5.0kg of Iraqi synbiotic per ton of Laying diet .
ALL  Laying hens were fed on commercial Layer diet throughout the experimental period which was lasted for six months. The data showed that the average of Hen-day egg Production for six months were 84.4, 88.2, 92.3, 89.1, 87.2,86.7 and 88.3% for the seven treatment  groups respectively. ISP with the drinking water were significantly (P≤0.5(improved feed conversion, egg mass, accumulate egg Production per hen and Antibody titer against Newcastle Disease (ND). It can be concluded that the new product (ISP)had a benefit effect in newborn calf’s and improved the productive and immunity performance of Laying hens.   

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