ISNAYAH – ST -CFI – Microphotometer S(3SBGRX4-3(1D-Solar))-T(4SWX4-2(1D-Solar))

ISNAYAH – ST -CFI – Microphotometer S(3SBGRX4-3(1D-Solar))-T(4SWX4-2(1D-Solar))

Prof.Dr.Isam Mohammad Ali

Prof.Nagham Shakir Turky Al-Awadi


The study aims at measuring the impact of the falling light beam on a colour section (and / or) section contains a turbid with small size of particles which   may be colloidal or crystalline solid dense or distributed in a medium  of a low density and discriminating  the responses resulting from the description of the present amount for the quantification of the sediment components , or components of the colorful complex with a  continuous injection  way where recording signals generated by digital counter or unmarked charts or the two together is followed-up and the possibility of spectro photometry chromatography as well as turbid  for the same section of the specimen , where it passes through  a phase of spectrophotometry for three wavelengths characterize all visible spectrum area (blue – green – red ) with an irradiation level that  covers  sensitive board  that responds to a range of 410-1100 nm for each of the three sources, each separately , as well as two sensitive boards  of  the four irradiation corners of the sources whose  rate of  wavelengths is  up to 500 nm ( snowy white color ) . The possibility of measuring turbid   from several angles (180- 0& 60 -0 or the two mixed together . Irradiation sources and sensitive cells are  distributed on the six  faces of the metal body which is the house of the cross flow cell . Irradiation path  is 2 mm.


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