June, 2015

Latest News of University of Baghdad

June, 2015

New Global Achievement for the University of Baghdad

University of Baghdad still keeps pace with the global scientific development taking place in European universities through the participation of its faculty members in all international scientific activities.The latest of these achievements is by the selection of Dr. Ayad Kadhim Zughayyar a faculty member in the college of Science at Baghdad University and director of the Department of scholarships and Cultural Relations at the university as one of the Top 100 scientific figures within his field in 2014 by the international biographical Foundation center.
The accomplishment of Dr. Iyad Kadhim has come from his accredited scientific researches that have been published in a accredited global journals that bear the impact factor where the President of the University has honoured Dr.Iyad as a result of his efforts in achieving this achievement to add to his achievements record. Dr. Iyad Kadhim Zughayyar currently serves as director of scholarships and cultural relations at Baghdad University and holds a Bachelor of Science / Department of Biology / College of Science / Baghdad University and a Master degree in microbiology / Department of biology / College of Science / Baghdad University, and a doctorate in the Advanced microscopic techniques. Department of Microbiology / Punjab University / India. Where he has been honored at Knowledge Day as one of the best professors who published in the field of pure science for three consecutive years (2011, 2012 and 2013) , and holds a Higher Education Award . He is one of the 200 best contemporary Iraqi scientific figures and has been chosen as one of the men and the leaders of 2014 with the adoption of his CV as one of the outstanding CVs of the leaders of the world by international Marcus Foundation. His research has been chosen institution by International Conference International Conference on Chemical, Agricultural and Medical Science (CAMS-2013) in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as the best in the conference. One of his researches has been published in the Journal of Cellular Immunology by the American Medical National Library (Bio-med-Lib) as one of the twenty best researches in the world in the specific specialization as well as the selection of three of his researches in other disciplines as the best of twenty publishes researches in 2012 with the US National Library (the first , the third and the twelve ranks ). He is also chosen by the International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England as one of the hundred best researches in his specialization , he has been also a candidate as an editor in the journal (Applied cell biology) America .In addition to his job as a member of the editorial board in the accredited international journals : Advanced Journal of Biological Sciences Research and the American Journal of current microbiology. Dr. Iyad Kadhim has got four certificates of appreciation by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research that are awarded at the day of Knowledge for teachers and outstanding scientists that are known globally by publishing more than three researches in accredited international journals for 2011 , 2012 and 2013 and has got fourteen (14) appreciation letters from the President of Baghdad University and his contribution in the improvement of University classification globally .In addition to his gaining of award of the best student at the level of Iraq in biology in the competition, which was conducted among the top students on all Iraqi universities . In addition to his choice as an assessor of foreign researches in a number of accredited scientific journals including USA:

  1. Cellular Immunology
  2. Inter virology. Swaziland
  3. American Journal of Biomedical Sciences. USA
  4. The Journal of Infection in Developing Countries. Italy
  5. Oman Medical Journal. Oman
  6. International Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. USA
  7. Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences.
  8. Pharmaceutical Biology .UK
  9. Journal of Medical Microbiology .UK
  10. American Journal of Current Microbiology . USA

Baghdad University Obtains the first rank upon Iraqi’s universities in the QS ranking of Arab Universities

University of Baghdad has won the first rank among the Iraqi universities and eighteenth rank among the 100 Arab universities of QS which is devoted to the Arab region of 2015.Accordingly , university of Baghdad has proceeded eight ranks of QS of the last year 2014 where it has gained the twenty sixth rank. The above mentioned classification has pointed out that University of Baghdad has gained a big difference with the University of Babylon by (20) ranks , which has got the second rank upon the Iraqi universities. On his part, Prof. Dr. Alaa’ Abdulrasul ,the president of the university , has congratulated all formations of the university and its staff for this great progress in the Arab and international classifications, which has come as a result of the great efforts for the elevation of university of Baghdad.

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