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December, 2012

The President ,the Professor,and the Father A farewell
Letter and Respect from Musa Al-Musawi

Quietness, loyalty, excellence, goodness, and raiseness …. This is what we saw from this lofty personality who ran the University of Baghdad about ten years, in the darkest and most difficult exceptiona l and disturbed c ircumstances, to fulfill the availability of the scientific and administrative gains and achievements, despite the difficulties, and within the contexts of work.They are characterized as fraterna,l sympathtic with the staff and strict and severe simultaneously with negligent .this character that we often hear about in the press and the media marked by the greatest humility and parental compassion with the senior and juniorl, without exception, to leave immortal fingerprints in the history of the University of Baghdad.We highlight here a letter from the Honorable professor Dr. Musa al-Musawi, head of Baghdad University, announcing the end of his duties as president of the University, but not as the other letters, where it is reduced to reflect the number of messages and ideas of scientific genius personality , painted and quietly imprint for more ideas, and achieved a number of objectives to reflect his parental and educational scientific humanitarian role at the same time.

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University of Baghdad Witnesses the Delivery and Receipt Ceremony of its Management Flag

The Council of the University of Baghdad witnessed for the first time the delivery and receipt of presidency flag. The Council has established a ceremony in honor of the President of the University Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad Al-Musawi after the great efforts he made in the service of the mother university and the scientific achievements happened during his service . All members of the Council University praised the role of Al-Musawi in his management of the University and what has been achieved when it entered the international rankings recently along with his love and humility with his fellow faculties and students.

  Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdulhussein, who served as Dean of the college of Pharmacy has received the flag instead of Al-Musawi with the presence of the scientific Assistant and deputy president of the university Prof. Dr. Riyadh Aziz Hadi. The University of Baghdad witnesses for the first time official cermonies of the delivery and receipt of flag among the blessing and valuing of all members of the Council, who wished all Iraqi and Arab universities will follow such an official practice. The University of Baghdad is considered one of the largest universities in Iraq and of most colleges, as embodied among educational institutions twenty-four scientific and humanity colleges and four institutes for postgradute studies and nine research centers as well as other university departments , it also embodied several complexes scattered around the capital Baghdad, including complex of Al-Jadiriyah ,Bab Al-Mu’dham ,Al-Nahdha ,Abo Ghraib and Al-Wazirriya.

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A Distinctive Participation of Our University in the Festival of Brotherhood

Because the University of Baghdad is the mother and it is the larger and wider Enterprise than the other scientific institutions in Iraq and the Middle East, it is keen to be always influential and distinctive, through its effective, expressive and powerful contributions in regional and local forums and platforms, but it is interested of national and effective civilized projects that serve the society.   University of Baghdad has participated in the ninth festival of Brotherhood meeting for hobbies and diverse crafts which the Ministry of Culture held, on the sidelines of the project Baghdad is the Capital of Culture, which took place on the land of the global railway station, and on the Forum of Al-Mutanabi Street, where our university participated as the largest part at the festival and with the largest number of participants and creators from many colleges , institutes and scientific departments such as college of Agriculture and the College of Fine Arts and the college of Physical Education in Al-Jadirriya and college of Physical Education for girls, as well as some academic departments at the university and some of the centers, where the university has established its participation and contribution of the festival on a set of pillars and walls and corridors under the dome of the global station, and by offering more possibilities and applications of the University in this forum where hundreds of government institutions and non-governmental organizations have participated and as usual the University of Baghdad has the lion’s share in this active participation, which several members of the Iraqi Parliaments and representatives from government institutions and non-governmental as well as many civil society organizations. The Minister of Culture sponsored the festival which was like a biggest cultural artistic heritage tourist event that suits our beloved country in peaceful Baghdad. The festival is considered part of the project of Baghdad, the capital of Arab culture 2013).It included 86 exhibitions with the participation of 200 participants from Iraq and Arab countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Iraqi expatriates from Germany, England and the links and organizations of civil society.

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