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To Contact the Rector Office:

[email protected]
[email protected]

For any inquiries or complaints, please send an email to any of the following addresses:

[email protected]
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No.University FormationsEmail
1Rector Office[email protected]
[email protected]
2Citizen Affairs[email protected]
[email protected]/
3University Website[email protected]
4College of Science[email protected]
5College of Islamic Sciences[email protected]
6College of Science for Women[email protected]
7College of Political Sciences[email protected]
8College of Arts[email protected]
9College of Languages[email protected]
10College of Medicine[email protected]
11Al-Khwarizmi College of Engineering[email protected]
12College of Physical Education for Women[email protected]
13College of Fine Arts[email protected]
14 College of Pharmacy[email protected]
15College of Dentistry[email protected]
16College of Engineering[email protected]
17College of Physical Education[email protected]
18College of Administration and Economics[email protected]
19College of Agriculture[email protected]
20College of Veterinary Medicine[email protected]
21College of Nursing[email protected]
22College of Education for Pure Sciences (Ibn Al-Haitham)[email protected]
23Al-Kindy College of Medicine[email protected]
24College of Law[email protected]
25College of Education for Humanities (Ibn Rushd)[email protected]
26College of Education for Women[email protected]
27College of Media[email protected]
28Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies[email protected]
29 Institute of Urban and Regional Planning[email protected]
30Postgraduate Institute for Accounting and Financial Studies[email protected]
31Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnologies[email protected]
32General Secretariat of The Central Library[email protected]
33Center for Development and Continuing Education[email protected]
34Center for Market Research and Consumer Protection[email protected]
35Center for Educational and Psychological Research[email protected]
36Center for Revival of Arab Scientific Heritage[email protected]
37Center for International and Strategic Studies[email protected]
38Natural History Museum and Research Center[email protected]
39National Pioneer Center for Cancer Research[email protected]
40Computer Center[email protected]
41Woman's Studies Center[email protected]
42Ibn Sina Center for E-Learning[email protected]


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