The Department of Mathematics, in cooperation with the Continuing Education Unit at the College of Science at the University of Baghdad, organized a lecture entitled (Study of the delay in Coronavirus infection) in the presence of a number of students, teachers, and those concerned with medical and viral affairs.

The lecture aimed to provide valuable insights into the complex interaction between infection delays, vaccination control measures, and the dynamics of the Corona pandemic, which is a large family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from colds to more serious diseases, and the novel coronavirus (COVID19) represents a new strain that has not previously been identified in humans and the delay in infection.

The lecture included highlighting the causes of delaying Corona virus infection, taking into account the existence of two stages of vaccination for this disease, which is considered a pandemic that swept the world and caused many and multiple injuries, critical cases, deaths, and damage to all societies in terms of economic, social and health, and the most important measures and strategies followed in order to combat the pandemic and the types of vaccines used to limit its spread, reduce its symptoms, delay infection and vaccination measures.


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